When I was in seventh grade I would not talk Now this

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The following sample essay on “When I was in seventh grade I would not talk Now this”: describing how school can help to overcome fear of speaking in front of crowds.

When I was in seventh grade, I would not talk. Now, this started way before I was in seventh grade. I remember standing next to our recess monitor after preschool lunch. She was very kind and always suggest that I go and play with the other kids on the playground.

Just the thought of surrounding myself with screaming, wild children gave me goosebumps. They were always running around and knocking each other over with the occasional “I win you lose!” This never interested me. I wanted to be in places where I knew I would feel safe and not vulnerable. I began to catch myself daydreaming about going out and having fun like the other kids. Did they know something I didn’t?

For the next few years after that I remained in my safe spot, careful to not do or say anything to make people notice me.

When seventh grade rolled around I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and begin to talk and make friendships, as highschool was just around the corner. Half way through seventh grade I decided to look for new schools, opening up my options to try and better myself. I came across a private school that taught Christianity. I thought this was the perfect idea. A week later, I moved to this new school and felt welcome the first day.

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All 15 students and 5 teachers were super nice and befriended me quickly. I knew I had made the right choice.

This new school offered plays that I was strongly encouraged to participate in. I decided to give acting a try, and in the first play I was given the role of a servant who only spoke one line. This made me ecstatic, I felt like I had a purpose. The next play I was in I was asked to take the lead role. This made me feel very nervous, but after telling myself it would be worth it, I took the role. For many weeks I practiced all my 275 lines. I was so excited I practiced when I woke up, when I was at school in class, even when I was at volleyball practice. The day of the play came and my mother was driving me to the school.

I could not do it, I refused to get out of the car. Their were so many people standing in a line waiting to go in, you’d think there was a concert. My mom had to talk me into going inside. I knew I would freeze on stage. We all got into our costumes and set up the stage. The lights went immediately out and there was one spotlight, on me. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything but the bright light. It was my time to take the stage. I blurted out the loudest line of the whole night and felt so proud of myself that I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the play. When everyone came on stage to bow at the end, I got the most applause and everyone told me how amazed they were at my performance.

After overcoming my fear of speaking in front of crowds, I went on to read a speech at Eighth grade graduation, and feel comfortable with socializing, making new friends, and speaking up for myself. This was a very big accomplishment for me, and I am proud to have defeated this part of my life. Since then I have went on to work in the office in high school, read announcements on the intercom, and excel in school. Familiarity breeds on comfort, and once in a while we have to take a step back and understand things outside of our comfort zone

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When I was in seventh grade I would not talk Now this
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