Is Baby Talk Good or Bad? NY Metro Parent magazine published an article pertaining to new information found about baby talk. Roberta Golfing, Ph. D. , believes that baby talk is good for infants. She states that infants respond to the facial expressions, can differentiate between sounds better, and have enough to process already so baby talk is the best thing for them in the first few months of infant’s lives. Dry. Golfing stresses that talking “baby talk” to your children, right after birth through the first few months of their life, is DOD for the child because the child will respond better to the baby talk.

Parents will open their eyes and over accentuate their mouth which will get the child interested. Researchers have also found that baby talk can help infants differentiate between sounds. While talking directly to the infant a parent will use a higher pitched voice. On the other hand, if the infant is in the room while the parents are talking to each other, they will probably be talking in a lower, more natural tone and the infant will be able to tell the difference between those.

When baby talk is used by a parent, mailer words are usually spoken to the infant. IOW are such a pretty baby’, is a common phrase that parents say to their children. This phrase is made up of smaller words, that aren’t too complex. Dry. T. Berry Beaverton believes that it is easier for infants to understand baby talk.

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Using less complex words and phrases makes it easier for the infant to process the information. At this stage in an infant’s life, everything is new. Adding complex words and phrases makes it harder for the child to understand and process what you are trying to tell them, because they are also ring to process everything else that is going on around them.

A question of concern from a soon-to-be new parent sent in to this company about this article was, “If you talk to your children with baby talk, won’t they grow up talking like babies? ” Dry. Golfing believes that this will not happen. She responded with, “Baby talk naturally stops as the child gets older and is able to better communicate with the parent,” she explains. “You Just naturally adjust. At age three, you’re not doing it. ” This question is a big concern for new parents.

They do not know if they should be talking to their new born babies this way because they do not want their children growing up and becoming illiterate. In the article, the author relies on the research done on the subject, and keeps her own personal biases out of the article. I think this makes the article better than if she would have included her personal bias. I think that she does this so that the article is strictly based on research. I believe she wanted to get the facts across and not Just what different people think about the subject.

I also think he uses strictly research because as I mentioned before, this is a topic many parents are interested in. It is good for parents to know that it has been proven that using baby talk is good for your child. While I don’t think this is a big controversial topic that every parent brings up, I do think it is a good fact for parents to know. With so many people’s opinions coming out about how using baby talk to your infant makes them illiterate, it is beneficial for a parent to know it is actually healthy for their child to be talked to in that way. It is also important for parents to know that not using

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