Stakeholders Of A Clothing Company

They are required to purchase the products and in turn provide customer loyalty. They are needed to come to the store again and again to keep the flow of business high for the company. Employees – It is their duty to withhold the reputation of the store as it is their actions that people will remember upon leaving the store and they are required to make people want to return. They are expected to provide the highest quality service they can and keep customer satisfaction high.

Suppliers – They are expected to roved high quality products that are suitable to sell.

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They must meet deadlines for orders and the product must be correct otherwise the business will suffer. Owners – It is their day to day running of the company that keep all aspects of the business flowing. They are expected to make sure every area Of the company is running at full potential and every employee is doing the right thing.

Trade unions – It is the trade unions role to make sure the employees are being treated fairly. They make sure the workers are protected and safe and are in fair and suitable working conditions. They also help the unemployed find jobs in the first place.

Employer associations – These are very similar to trade unions and are there to protect the right of the employees. Local communities – It is very important to appeal to the local communities as they are a very important interest group that require pleasing.

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National communities – They are the ones that must be impressed as it is their opinion that can make or break the company. They are responsible for the upkeep of your company through purchase and it is them who will ultimately decide whether or not your business fits their requirements.

Governments – It the government who will want the business to be successful as it can boost the economy and create jobs across the country. If the business is successful they can also pay large taxes which boosts the governments funds overall. They are also considered a vital part of the community and with their survival the local economies can thrive as well. Influence on organizations – This is when the business needs to take into consideration the rest of their stakeholders when making changes to the business and must make sure there is not a negative effect on the business itself or the stakeholders.

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Stakeholders Of A Clothing Company
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