McDonalds Stakeholders

definition of internal and external stakeholders This website shows the differnent stakeholders and how they influnece businesses. the main two businesses i am going to be investigating are McDonalds and cadbury. what are stakeholders? Stakeholders are people who own a share in the business, they have to buy the shares from the stock exchange or they have an influence or interest in the business. an example of a stakeholder of a school would be a govnor. they dont own a share but they influence the decissions that the school makes.

Internal stakeholders nternal stakeholders in a school would be teachers the as they are people who actually work for the school. an example of an internal stakeholder in a business would be a manager as they actually work inside the company. External stakeholders External stakeholders are people who influnece the business. an example of one in a school would be parents as they dont actually work for the school but they still have to have a close relationship with it McDonalds Stakeholders McDonalds has many franchises around the world.

The first franchise was opened in 967 in Canada over the years it has spread all around the world and there are now more than 1000 franchises around the globe McDonald’s aims are. McDonald’s aims are to provide a fast, friendly service but they also like to make sure their customers are getting good value for money on the food as well. The Stakeholders. Employee. One stakeholder of McDonalds would be its employees.

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The employees are internal stakeholders as they work inside the company and have an interest and influence the way it is run.

So anybody that works for McDonaldsis a stakeholder. This could be matter as long as they work for the company. The following link shows an article about the internal stakeholders of McDonalds. http://www. triplepundit. com/2012/05/mcdonalds-uk-new-stakeholder-engagement- website-signs-progress/ the news article explains how it wants both internal and external stakeholders to meet and ask questions about the company rather than McDonalds answering peoples questions through the social network. mployees often have staff meetings with managers where they can talk about what they think is oing well or not so well this is why employees are internal stakeholders as if they think something needs to be changed they can influence this change to happen. Customers. Customers are also stakeholders they are slightly different from employee stakeholders though, as customers are external stakeholders this is because they don’t work for the franchises but they still buy products from them so they have an interest in McDonalds.

This means that every customer who buys from any McDonalds franchise is a stakeholder. Even if they only se McDonalds occasionally. customers he interests in McDonalds for many different reasons, one might be that they a promotional meal has come out McDonalds are always looking for feedback on their products so if they get this from their customers they are more likely to keep the meal on their permanent menu but if McDonalds didn’t get any feedback or the sales was low on the certain promotion they are more than likely to scrap it from the menu and not offer it again.

Suppliers Suppliers are also internal stakeholders as they also work with McDonalds. McDonalds use many suppliers for the things in their store for example they get the food from one supplier and then the drinks from another. Suppliers are a really important part of the way McDonalds runs if McDonalds didn’t have suppliers there would be nothing for them to sell. Suppliers also have an interest in McDonalds to be one of their stakeholders.

The supplier’s interests would be about the orders McDonalds make because the more they do make the more money they are going to be making for the company. McDonalds also like to make sure the supplier they muse s trust worthy as suppliers play a huge part in all the chains of McDonalds as they wouldn’t have any food to sell if a supplier failed to deliver when they needed it. The Government People don’t normally expect the government to beinvolved with Franchises like McDonalds. But the government are actually external stakeholders as they also hold an interest and influence McDonalds.

The government are interested in McDonalds because McDonalds offer lots of opportunities for the unemployed to get a Job as The government also pass new laws that could affect the way McDonalds is run an xample of this would have been when everybody got banned from smoking in indoor public places. The government made every company from a corner shop toa large global business stop people smocking indoors a public space as it had become a law if anybody was smoking where they wasn’t meant to be the business could risk enormous consequences.

The government also have an interest in McDonald’s when they want to build a new franchise. They have to get planning permission first before they can start building it this is another way the government play a part as hey have to decide whether they are going to allow or deny this. Trade unions Trade unions are external stakeholders as they work outside the business. Trade unions are people who look after the rights of the workers on how they work, get paid and the conditions they work in. hey also access the risk of the employee getting hurt at the work place due to poor conditions. Employees have to pay to be part of the union but it is only a small amount out of your wage or salaries. they have an interest in McDonalds as some of their staff from each franchise may be part of their nions if they aren’t the union pay advertise and explaining what they do and why a staff member should become part of their group to help make other peoples working conditions better.

Communities Communities are also external stakeholders. Communities are widely involved with the businesses like McDonalds as they are interested when stores are planning to build near them they are also interested in the Jobs that the store can offer. McDonalds rely on the community a lot as they wouldn’t have any business if they didn’t keep their customers happy by offering great services.

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