Joan of Arc - Essay

Throughout the life of Saint Joan of Arc she showed and proved that she possessed three outstanding virtues of Justice, courage, and spirituality. Joan of Arc was one of the first women that ever Joined an army and everyday she showed that she was courageous and Just. Saint Joan also proved that she was Just when she refused to lead an attack against innocent civilians even though the general gave her specific orders dodo so. It is also known that Saint Joan hated seeing anyone in a type of bloodshed or pain.

Even though Saint Joan was Just it did not keep her from being courageous.

One way Saint Joan proved that she was courageous was by being a women and leading the French army in fifteenth century when at the time being a women in the army was unacceptable. But even as a child Saint Joan of Arc showed much courage. Once as a child a man with an ax came out of the woods threatening to kill everyone and as everyone ran away little Joan of Arc approached him, talked to him and convinced him to set the ax down and stop the threats.

As many courageous acts Saint Joan made it was her spirituality that kept her going at times she did not know exactly what to do.

Joan of Arc – Essay Joan of Arc – Essay Joan of Arc – Essay

It was most likely Saint Jean’s spirituality that helped win every battle considering before every battle she would give great praise to God.

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Another example of Jean’s spirituality Is how she heard “voices” from God every since she was a child to when she was a young adult. These voices as well helped her through Just about everything from the point when she was fighting battles to when she was trying to find the Dauphin In a large crowd. Even though Saint Joan of Arc was put through many tough obstacles In life her character did not change and she remained Just, courageous, and spiritual throughout her life.

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Joan of Arc - Essay
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