Is Schindlers List an Accurate Representation

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Schindlers list, it is one of the many historical films, like Titanic which impressed audiences world wide. It received record gate reciepts throughout America and the rest of the world and undoubtly owes its success of particularly the western world in the horrific events concerning the treatment of the Jewish nation of Europe by Hitler and his nazi party during the second world war.

Not only did it achieve maximum audience appeal but it also reaped the beneifits of being such a supererb film by picking up 7 oscars, 3 golden globes and y other prestigious awards.

The film depicts the heroic actions of Oskar Schindler, a German war profiteer, who because of his fundamental humanity and great courage saved more then 1,100 Jews from death in the holocaust. The film was directed by Steven Speilberg, a highly popular figure who has directed such huge screen plays as E.T. and Jurassic Park.Steven Speilberg is a Jew and there are some critics might suggest that the film is biased.

Although, what is true is that this film is his attempt at explaining the Holocaust, it is his representation and his “historical view”.

This in turn does have its own reliability although it is a different type of reliability. The film is based on an exceptional “novel”‘Schindler’s Ark” by Thomas Keneally. The word novel has been applied to his book only because the dialogue and certain details are fictional.Mr. Keneally based the book closely on events reported to him by the’Schinderjuden’ people whose lives had been saved by Schindler and who were eye witness to Schindler’s heroic actions.

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Therefore we could say that the film was a very reliable source as it describes the event experienced by real people and it also backs up many of the sources we have been studying. But not all people agree withOne right wingrevisionist historian called David Irvine completely disowns this film and…

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Is Schindlers List an Accurate Representation
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