Cultural Representation In Film

The issue of ‘significance’ throws open many questions: e. g. Film is about entertainment. Isn’t entertainment just for fun? Are they harmless? Stereotypes are different social, racial and cultural groups which have a certain connotation they are known for and seen in society as. For example, a blonde person is seen as dumb, a male is seen as dominating and a woman is seen to only belong in the kitchen. Stereotypes are a small or large group of people being labelled as something which, more often than not, isn’t true.

Essay Example on Range of Cultural Representation in Film

What we see can lead to stereotypes. People believe what they see and relate it to real life. Traditionally, Hollywood action films represent cultural groups stereotypyically. However some post modern films are slowly changing for the better in a feminist and post colonial way. Compared to this, British Film4 and French cinema portray a more realistic image of cultural groups.

The three films I will be analyzing and comparing are ‘James Bond’, ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘East is East’. James Bond was chosen as it is stereotypically an action/hero film.

For example, the dashing, smart hero and the beautiful sexy female sidekicks are representative of the general idea of a spy and the ‘Bond Girls’. Terminator 2 was chosen as it supports and challenges gender stereotypes. An example of this is a strong woman in the film is challenging however the strong macho bodyguard is not. Finally East is East as it challenges colour, nationality and gender stereotypes.

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The Muslim boy doesn’t want to be of his religion anymore challenging strong Muslim family beliefs and the Muslim girl is a tomboy.

Entertainment is not just about fun, it is also about power and money. Entertainment is America’s highest earning export as it is the place where stars are seen to be born. Most celebrities come from there or want to live and work there and the American people see them as accomplishing the American Dream. The entertainment business is very stereotypical itself with the idea that actresses have to be beautiful with ‘perfect’ figures and the actors macho and extremely good looking.

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Cultural Representation In Film
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