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Though I agree that overpopulation is one of the important causes of child Barbour, but think that it is not the main cause of it. According to a report from EUNICE in 201 0, an estimate number of 1 58 million children are engaged in child labor and this is about 17% Of the total number Of children and according to International Labor Organization, it has increased to 21 5 million currently.

Over the years, researchers have provided sufficient evidences that a large popularity of child labor occurs in developing countries.

Majority of it happens mostly in the rural of Asian and African countries and they are mostly victims of scarce resources for example food supply and water. However, child labor is also common in some developed countries, for example in the United States, more than 230,000 children work in agriculture. Reported by Edmonds and Pacific, 85% of working children are employed for doing works related to the agriculture.

Countries where child labor has become a common practice include Bangladesh, Tanzania, Manner, Yemen, India and many more.

Below is a case of child labor in Bangladesh: “Mohammad Facial Hosing is a twelve-year-old boy who works to support his family. To meet their needs, he holds down two jobs on the packed roads of the Bangladesh capital, Dacha: selling newspapers in the early morning and working as a helping hand on a small minibus. Every morning, Mohammad collects newspapers from the retailer and weaves his way through the crowded railway stations and bus stops.

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On an average day, he earns 70 to 80 take, less than USES , at theists. His second job takes up most of his time until evening.

Reasons For Overpopulation

On the minibus, he shouts out the vehicles’ destination to potential passengers and collects fares from each rider. At this job, Mohammad worries for his safety. His wish is to go to school everyday like other children but his mother, whose once a maid servant but left after he fell sick, couldn’t afford sending him to school after fifth grade. At this crucial moment between death and survival, his father left them behind which made them even more helpless and he has no other option but to work. ” reported by EUNICE Causes of Child Labor Cases of child labor are mostly found in families who are suffering from poverty.

Poorer families are usually overpopulated and they have more children and family members to feed and to take care of. In addition to these, they have limited resources of food supply and other basic necessities essential for living as they can’t afford anything more. These factors have driven children to work so that their financial situation at home will improve. Exposed to harms, abuses and exploits, the children are deprived from their education. Overpopulation in an area will also cause the demand of resources like food supply to increase and therefore, people will compete for the available resources.

This means that the poorer families will have less access to it. However, personally, I think that overpopulation is not the main cause of child labor. Poverty is the primary cause of child labor. Poverty leads to many other factors which force children into labor. Despite he fact that the parents know that child labor is incorrect, they are forced to choose this as the other option will be worse, for instance, without sufficient money for the basic needs of life, people will become malnourished and infected with diseases which will eventually cause death.

Besides that, poorer families tend to be less educated. The illiteracy of parents will cause them to neglect the physical and emotional development of a child as they do not realize the importance of one’s education and the effect of it they have on their future. Due to their illiteracy, the grown-ups are finding it difficult to find bobs that can provide them enough income to support their family. Now in the 21st century, most of the well-paid jobs are to be done with the help of advanced technology and it is expected that their employees have knowledge of how to use a computer.

Thus, it is expected that the poorer ones has less chance to be employed as they don’t even know how to read or write, is it not? The increase in unemployment of the adults has caused the children to become the source of income. Children tend to work in factories because employers find it more profitable to employ children as they cost less and can extract more work. This problem has been known and throughout the years, much aid has been gathered to help increase the employment rate in rural areas.

Governments and communities have been struggling hard to try find ways to bridge the digital divide as this may be the first step in help eradicating poverty. However, in my opinion, I think that the main culprit of the practice of child labor is the government. The ignorance of corrupted governments have caused cases of child labor to increase at a fast pace. It is the only right thing that the governments make sure that their people are not suffering from the lack of basic needs.

They are the ones responsible for the countries affairs and they need to take actions to eradicate poverty in the country as fast as possible for example implementing new laws or enforcing existing laws to ban the employment of certain age. Here is a case where child labor is being ignored: An underage farm worker, Mole Manage, 14, was working on a farm in Restrung when his hand was chopped off while operating a machine. He died in hospital a day later, on 26 July, Photon said. “So far only a case [of murder and child labor] is opened and nothing further is done.

No arrest, no prosecution… Cause the case was opened by the farmer we were told that they will not charge him. ” reported by Times Live –Effects of Child Labor Child labor deprives children of a proper childhood. They do not complete their development all roundly and this may lead to many psychological imbalances. When they grow up, the child laborers remains uneducated which means that they will be unable to find a good job. Hence, they become incapable of taking care their own family which means they need to make the later generation to work and thus, the history repeats itself.

The uneducated of the child laborers will condemn hem to a life of unskilled and badly paid work and this perpetuates poverty. Also, children who never have the chance to enjoy the fun of their childhood are expected to reach mental and emotional maturity at a very early age. This is highly dangerous as these children will start displaying adult behaviors such as smoking and taking drugs. Employers are now taking the liking towards employing children as they are often paid much less than adults. These causes the unemployment of adults increase and thus, more families will force their children to work.

Child labor also has impacts on the economy of he country. Despite the fact that child labor will not have evident impact when their young, but we all know that the future of our world lies in the hands of the the earlier generation. Possible Scenarios As I have mentioned above, I strongly disagree that overpopulation is the main cause of child labor. Poverty causes overpopulation and the ignorance of the corrupted government are the ones to blame for not putting enough effort to eradicate poverty.

Corrupt Governments -+ Continuation of Poverty -+ Overpopulated Families -D Child Labor The children now are the future leaders of this place and if hill labor is not stopped, it means that our world will be filled with more uneducated people. This will bring much problems as there will be many vacancies for the office jobs in developed countries because not many of them are capable for the jobs. When people of the country has a lower income, it means that the total income of the country will also fall. Then, the global market will be affected.

The gap between the rich and the poor will be even harder to bridge and it will be an eternal struggle for the government to eradicate poverty in their country. People around the world will face problem eating access to the services and products in rural countries when the unemployment rate increases. Many businesses that required special ski will not be able to have the jobs filled and eventually fall into bankruptcy. Businesses like manufacturing factories and farming will be cramped with people as they are the only job that the people are capable of doing because they do not require much skills.

However, the employers will not be able to employ everybody in that area and the many more people will remain unemployed. Child labor will also cause harm to the countries’ nations. It can bring harm to our society. The children who are not brought up in the right way will not know that stealing is immoral and in order to survive, they will steal things from others. A recent case shows that a 10 year old kid was beaten to death because the innocent kid was slow at things. Imagine that you are the parent of the child, how will you react?

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