An Analysis of the Issue of Child Labour as a Matter of International Concern Today

The issue of child labour is a matter of international concern today. The protection of the children living and working in the most difficult circumstances can not be resolved without help from the international community. The concerns regarding the rights, welfare and dignity of working children of the world should be emphasis. International support and local social movement against child labour are necessary in order to fight and defeat this world issue Child Labour. Children of the 3rd world countries are often playing a significant role to support the family subsistence.

Fetching water, collecting firewood, grazing cattle, caring for younger children and supporting parents in the fields are the most common work of children in the rural areas. Poverty had forced many parents to sent their children to the urban areas, and as the resolute theres large increase of child labour in the cities.

A majority of children are employed in carpet and garment industries, confectionery, brick kilns, roads and building construction, transportation and stone quarries.

Those children are living and working in the most health hazardous and dangerous situation. Unlike children of well supported countries like Canada, children of the 3rd world countries are denied the basic necessities, and a opportunity for an education are far beyond their reach. The International Labour Organization estimates that 120 million children aged 5-14 work full-time and a further 130 million work part-time and they are paid with a unbelievable low amount of wages, which are extremely unproportional to the amount of the labour they put in.

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Child labour is a cause and consequence of the country’s social economic and political reality. In other developing countries of South Asia, the rural communities are living under the state of social injustice, economic exploitation, deprivation and backwardness. The growing of a controllable population, unemployment and unplanned urbanization have also contributed to an increase in the magnitude of child labour in those countries.

So to elimination child labour, the government and other assistance mush target on one countrys economics and then apply laws and acts to protect the childrens rights, but the main concern is still remain at one countrys financial state. Our children are regarded as a source of hope and inspiration for our future, but however a majority of children in the world is still being deprived and denied for their basics needs and rights. This situation is particularly in the third world countries, where a big majority of children are living and working in the most difficult circumstances. Children in this part of the world are not only suffered of hunger and mal-nutrition, but are also subject to abuses. Child labour is the state where children are physically, emotionally and economically abused. Child labour is considered as a way of everyday life in the third world countries. So its time to give out our helping hands and help keep this world crisis under control, because every child deserves the right to be treated the same.

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