Impact of Religion on Aztec Cu

Impact of Religion on Aztec Architecture Introduction: Every civilization has its own religious and spiritual belief system, and this has many effects on environment. One of them is to build architectures like temples and monuments in the name of their gods they believe in. The Aztec Empire was an American state that ruled now Mexico from 1427 until 1521, by the time they were invaded by Spaniards. The boundaries of the empire were from west from Mexico Valley in central Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico and at south to Guatemala.

Aztec civilization was complex as social, political and religious structure. Their capital was Tenochitlan, which was located in todays Mexico. It consisted of several canals, a palace, and a huge temple. Religious beliefs in Aztec life were very important because Aztecs believed that the gods had to remain strong in order to protect them. As a result of this human sacrifice was a major part of worship. The behavior of sacrifice was unique for every single god.

In this essay I will answer a question which is: What kind of religious belief did the Aztecs have in order to build enormous structures to pray their gods? This topic seems a bit easy, but looking into multiple dimensions and a step by step analysis will be enough to explain. First of all geographical structure of the environment will be analyzed. Their environmental structure will lead me to the political structure. Political structure is one of the highest priority effects which form religious structure.

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The people who live in that environment will be analyzed next and social structure algorithm will be the result. The combination of all that structure and systems will lead me to the conclusion. The place where Aztecs choose to build a city wasn’t a good choice. Before they started to build a capital city they tried to enlarge the land. On the lake Texcoco Aztecs have build man-made islands. To build islands like that A…

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