Examining Islam In Malaysia Religion

Malaysia is modern Muslim state where more than half of its 26 million people have embrace Islam as their faith. Halal is an Islamic spiritual usher to how Muslims should populate their lives from the manner their nutrient is prepared to how their personal and societal relationships are conducted. In Malaysia Halal is a construct accepted by all, by both Muslims and non- Muslims. The bulk of concerns in Malaysia sells merchandises or offer services that are Halal endorsed. The Malaysia Halal Certification is globally respected.

In our of all time progressive universe, it has become progressively disputing for Muslims to find whether the nutrient or drinks they consume are sacredly acceptable or Halal. This Halal and non-Halal job is non merely limited to nutrient and drink but besides to other merchandises and services.

For Muslims life in a wholly Muslim state like Saudi Arabia, the Halal inquiry is non an issue at all. For those life in a multiracial Muslim state like Malaysia, although Halal nutrient or services are readily available and easy to obtain, there is a demand for the authorization to supervise and implement criterions to guarantee Halalness peculiarly when the merchandises or services are made, sold, prepared or provided by non-Muslims.

However, the existent challenge is for Muslims life in a state whose population is preponderantly non-Muslims. Excess diligence is needed for these Muslims to bask everything Halal.

Most contact is that there are about 1.9 billion Moslems in the universe who are consumers of Halal nutrients. As such the Halal nutrient market is the largest nutrient market in the universe.

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Among the Halal importation states are those which have one of the highest per capita incomes in the universe, have the fastest turning in-between categories in the universe, import a important proportion of their nutrient demands and have the highest rates of population growing in the universe.

Malaysia will be developed International Halal Food Hub for monitoring and standardisation the Halal nutrient merchandise. The Halal enfranchisement will be gives if the nutrient ingredients are Halal. This enfranchisement of Malaysia Halal criterion are besides will be strengthened and sharply promoted internationally.


Halal merchandises are fast deriving world-wide acknowledgment as a new benchmark for safety and quality confidence. Merchandises that are produced with Halal enfranchisement are readily acceptable by Muslim consumers every bit good as consumers from other faiths. This credence is due to the wholesomeness construct of Halal, which covers non merely the Shariah demand, but besides the hygiene, sanitation and safety facets.

Halal enfranchisement is a powerful selling tool for both the Muslim and non-Muslim manufacturers, as there are an increasing consciousness on the portion of Muslim consumers all over the universe on their duty to devour Halal nutrient.

The Arabic word ( Halal ) means lawful or permitted. In the Holy Qu’ran, Allah commands Muslims and all of world to eat of the Halal things. Basically, Allah Al Mighty knows what is best for us to eat. And usually all the Halal nutrient are really clean and safe from any disease. But for non-Halal nutrient, you ever can happen some interesting facts associating to sickness.

This undermentioned merchandises are decidedly Halal such as milk ( from cattles, sheep, camels, and caprine animals ) , honey, fish, workss which are non intoxicating, fresh or dried fruits, legumes & A ; nuts like peanut, Anacardium occidentale nuts, Pomaderris apetala nuts, walnut, grain such as wheat, rice, rye, barley, and oat. Basically, all nutrient is Halal except meat from swine such as porc, jambon, pork-based merchandises and byproducts such as sausages and gelatin. Animals improperly slaughtered or already dead before slaughtering is due to take topographic point. Animals killed in the name of anyone other than Allah ( for illustration, by anyone other than a Jew, Christian or Muslim, or as portion of a heathen forfeit ) , alcohols, blood and blood byproducts, nutrients contaminated with any of the above merchandises. Most of the sweets use non-Halal Gelatin that comes from hogs.

Focus about the beef, they are merely Halal if they are slaughtered harmonizing to Islamic Law. The processs that we must make at the beef are the carnal must be slaughtered by a Muslim. The animate being besides should be put down on the land or held it if it is little. The pharynx of the animate being must be sliced with a really crisp knife to do certain that the 3 chief blood vass are cut. While cutting the pharynx of the animate being ( without break uping it ) , the individual must articulate the name of Allah or declaim a approval which contains the name of Allah, such as “ Bismillahirahmannirrahim, Allah-u-Akbar ” . Islam prohibits the meat of animate beings that are slaughtered without declaiming the name of Allah and those that are slaughtered whilst articulating a name other than Allah. Mentioning the name of Allah during slaughter is really a manner of seeking permission from God for taking the life of the animate being for the exclusive intent of nutriment. The prohibition to declaim a name other than Allah during slaughter Acts of the Apostless as a precaution to a Muslim ‘s religion. Islam is a faith which promotes monotheism and rejects any signifier of polytheism. Mentioning a name other than Allah is regarded as a polytheistic act, therefore such act is non allowable during slaughter.

For more information, they lead the cow into an country, line its caput up with where the Piston comes out, and BAM! The cow is unconscious, hung by its mortise joints, and sent to where the slaughter takes topographic point. Sing domestic fowl, a common pattern is to render them unconscious by electrocuting them before slaughter.

Butchering is to be done from the forepart of the cervix, between the pharynx and the caput of the chest bone ( Libba ) . The throat/oesophagus ( Mirree ) , windpipe/trachea ( Halkoom ) and the two jugular venas ( Wadijan ) are cut in the cervix without break uping the spinal cord. This cut severed the arterias to the encephalon of the animate being, therefore striping the encephalon of blood supply. As a consequence, the encephalon loses consciousness due to deficient O. This renders the animate being unconscious, doing the animate being the least sum of pain.A

By contrast, the Islamic method of butchering does non let for animate beings to be killed in forepart of other animate beings. It requires an highly crisp blade and the fleet scratch of the major venas in the cervix to ease in a painless, speedy blood loss and decease. Before the slaughter takes topographic point, the animate being is examined for overall wellness. If the animate being is deemed unhealthy, it can non be slaughtered for nutrient. The animate being is slaughtered in such a manner that most of the blood exits the organic structure. The end is to butcher the animate being, restricting the sum of hurting the animate being will digest.



In 1968, the Conference of Rulers Pakistan has decided that the demand for a organic structure to mobilise attempts for development and promotion of the Muslims in Malaysia, in line with Malaysia ‘s position as an Islamic state that has strong international and universe attending.

Acknowledging this, a secretariat to the National Council of Religious Affairs was established, to keep the pureness of religion and the instructions of Islam. Secretariat was later developed as the Religious Department of the Prime Minister who was subsequently promoted once more to the Islamic Affairs Department ( BAHEIS ) .

On January 1, 1997, in line with the development and advancement of Islam in the state has stabilized, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ) is established by the Malayan authorities took power and the function ( BAHEIS ) .


Formulation and standardisation of Islamic jurisprudence

Formulate, reappraisal and amend Torahs for the standardisation of Islamic provinces.

Streamline and standardise the Islamic jurisprudence throughout Pakistan.

Act enacts Islamic jurisprudence and the federal districts.

Enforcement of Islamic jurisprudence provinces

Organizing the execution and conformity opinion.

Coordination in the disposal of Islam

Streamline the disposal of Islamic personal businesss and the provinces.

Construct a strong Islamic idea among Muslims based on the retention of the Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

Produce cells Islamic sermonizers and bookmans through preparation in developing establishments of Islam.

Establishing benchmarks and patterns of Islam through the preparation of service criterions Hadhari

Referral centres and consultative services associating to Islam authorities and private bureaus.

Increasing coaction with the missional web non-governmental organic structures at national and international

Strengthening endurance of Muslims in Sabah and Sarawak in educational, missional and social-economic

Strengthening integrity among Muslims to the Ummah.

To authorise the non-Muslim, autochthonal peoples and minority groups.

Expand the plan and programs Islamic through wireless and telecasting Stationss.

Expanding the plan elements of Islamic values and personality to cover with societal ailments.

Coordination and development of Islamic instruction

Developing a squad of experts in assorted Fieldss of Islamic cognition.

Make Malaysia a hub for higher instruction and research al-Quran and al-hadith in regional and international degrees.

Develop and organize the direction of the province spiritual school of Islamic instruction and Islamic schools.

Develop and co-ordinate plans and categories al-Quran mass Ain ( Kafa ) in the current national instruction policy.

Strengthening the function of establishments and plans prosperity mosque as a centre of scientific discipline and civilisation of the community development that involves all walks of life.


Pork is the most normally eaten signifiers of meat around the universe, there are over 100 million metric dozenss of porc is consumed throughout the universe. And porc can be served in different signifiers such as cooked or signifier of sausages. However, we know that Islam non eating porc but what is the ground they forbids porc. So now, we go to discourse about it.

We know that nutrient and drink have a direct consequence on our wellness. That is why Islam prevents to unhealthy nutrient. Because they believe both physical and moral wellness are every bit of import for a healthy society. Therefore, the abstinence from eating porc is one of the stairss taken by Islam to pattern hygiene and to achieve pureness of psyche.

To cultivate our inner modules, Islam insists upon the cleanliness of organic structure and the purification of psyche through Salaat ( supplications ) , Zikr ( recollection of Allah ) and other devotional responsibilities. Islam teaches us how to achieve the virtuousnesss and how to give up bad wonts because both good and bad grow in the adult male harmonizing to his upbringing, instruction and environment.

A human being has natural desires: nutrient, slumber and sex being the three primary 1s. He has besides natural emotions: sorrow, felicity, love, fright, disgust and greed etc. Islam does n’t urge the complete repeal of these urges but offers a method of commanding them through spiritual instruction and subject.

The prohibition of eating porc in Islam is relevant in this context. There is a stating in English that “ a adult male becomes what he eats. ” Harmonizing to doctors and medical experts, porc is a harmful diet. Consumption of swine-flesh creates lowliness in character and destroys moral and religious modules in a adult male. Despite Islam allows Muslims to eat clean thing. However, in the ingestion of meat, Muslims are required to be selective and separate the Halal nutrients.

Dr. E. Kazim. M.D, in his article “ Medical facets of out nutrients in Islam ” ( July 1981 issue of Muslim Journal ) has described diseases carried or caused by the flesh of swine. He writes: “ The hog is a scavenger. It is an omnivorous animate being. It eats everything. There are many diseases carried from swine to adult male, peculiarly parasite infestations. Recently extended research has been focused on senility-old age is characterized by indurating of interior liner of the blood vass of the bosom, encephalon etc. a procedure called coronary artery disease. When a coagulum signifiers, it consequences in coronary thrombosis or a bosom onslaught, intellectual thrombosis or shot.

Dr. Glen Shepherd wrote the following on the dangers of eating porc in Washington Post ( 31 May 1952 ) : “ One in six people in USA and Canada have sources in their musculuss – trichiniasis 8 from eating porc infected with Trichinella spiralis worms. Many people who are infected show no symptoms. Most of those, who do hold, retrieve easy. Some dice ; some are reduced to lasting shut-ins. All were careless porc caters. “

He continued: “ No 1 is immune from the disease and there is no remedy. Neither antibiotics nor drugs or vaccinums affect these bantam lifelessly worms. Preventing infection is the existent reply. “

After reading the statement of Dr. Shepherd, one can recognize that there is no existent warrant of safety when eating porc that one would non be affected by trichina worm. That is why modern physicians advise three prohibitions during unwellness: no spirits, no porc and no smoke.

At the terminal we know that Muslim forbids porc because they respect their faith. They believe their GOD will care for them. But if they are under dearth, they still can eat porc to last, it ‘s no wickedness.


At the terminal, we found that Halal nutrient have many benefits and that ‘s why many people either Muslim or non Muslims, would wish to take Halal nutrient.

Halal meat is good for nutrition and wellness. Merely healthy animate beings can be slaughtered. It is done by Moslems who are trusted and experienced. The meat itself will hold no blood coagulums within the veins-giving it a longer shelf life. Animals will be treated with clemency and regard and will be blessed with the name of God ( Allah ) prior to slaughter.

Cultural and spiritual considerations are non the lone grounds why consumers are taking kosher- and Halal-certified nutrients. Many perceive the excess supervising implicit in the certified nutrients assures higher quality and safer nutrient merchandises.

Harmonizing to Packaged Facts study, ‘Market Trend: Kosher- and Halal-Certified Foods in the US ‘ , resonates with a similar study from Mintel released earlier this twelvemonth, which concluded that the bulk of US consumers who buy kosher nutrients do so for sensed quality and safety grounds, instead than for spiritual 1s, and there is no ground to presume things are any different in Australia and New Zealand.

They study found that three in five people who buy kosher nutrient do so because they perceive it to be better quality, Halal nutrient besides have a batch of nutrition and they feel safe to eat it, and it free from any disease other that, handiness to acquire Halal nutrient is easier. The two most popular markets for Halal nutrient are South-East Asia and the Middle East.

By traveling through the Halal enfranchisement procedure, nutrient processors will open up the possibility of extra patronage and frequently they will non even have to do alterations to their merchandise to acquire such enfranchisement.

There are four stairss in processing of Halal nutrient that is: application, entry, treating enfranchisement and station enfranchisement. And what ‘s the of import in the stairss of processing is certification attests that a product/service is suited for Muslims and finished merchandises which adhere to Halal fabrication processs carry a Halal symbol on the label.

We know that all equipment used in the production of Halal nutrients must be free from taint with non-Halal points and comply with the necessary hygiene and sanitation demands. All ingredients must all be Halal as good.

Favorable perceptual experiences

Many consumers believe that Halal and kosher nutrient is produced under stricter supervising than is provided by authorities review and for many consumers the Halal and kosher symbols warrant that the nutrient is free of contaminations or disease and no preservatives added.

The research indicated that more than half of consumers who purchased kosher merchandises did so because they considered them to be safer than merchandises non certified as kosher.

Mintel ‘s research has shown that kosher was the most often used claim on nutrient and drink merchandises launched in the US in 2008 which, as the Judaic population is non increasing, suggests that the turning involvement may be more to make with nutrient safety than faith.

Aside from spiritual demands, kosher and Halal supervising adds another degree of quality control in reacting to the demands of the discerning consumer. Simply by adhering to the kosher and Halal demands and holding nutrients certified, processors will broaden their market.

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