Aztec Migration through Valley of Mexico

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Around the early 13th century the Aztecs left their homes in Atzlan and started wandering through the Valley of Mexico.Living as mostly gathers in a migratory lifesyle, the Aztecs struggled to survive.They were eventually enslaved by another tribe.The Aztecs were, at this time, poor scruffy people, who were enen know to consume vermin, snakes and stolen food.They were rejected by mostly all of the surounding tribes.Basically they spent most of their time migrating from one place to another.

Early in the 14th century, approximately 1325, Tenoch, their cheiftain, had a vision where, Huitzilopochtli appeared and told him to lead his people to a swampy island in the center of Lake Texcoco.The Aztecs belived that Huitzilopochtli, their “war god” was their protector and helped them search for the promised land.The Aztecs practiced out of a book known as the Tira de la Peregrinacion, also called the Migration Scrolls.After reaching the island in the cener of Lake Texcoco, the Aztecs saw an eagle on the top of a cactus.

They took this as a sign that this was where they were supposed to build their city. Their city was called Tenochtitlan, also know as the city of Tenoch.Atfirst life in thier new city was difficult for the Aztecs due to thier new, undesirable location.The city was located in a swampy marsh in the middle of an island, making the recources that the Aztecs new how to use extremely limited.Atfirst the Aztecs just built mud huts to live in and a few small temples.

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They farmed by intaking an agricultural system called the Chinampas, which eventully made the land fertile and highly productive.The Aztecs also used fishing, hunting, and gathering techniques.The Valley rivers were filled with fish, insects, tadpoles, shrimp, and this extremely odd naturally occuring pasta called, ahuatle.The Aztecs also hunted wild turkey, rabbits, snakes, armadillos and deer. The civilization continously c…

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Aztec Migration through Valley of Mexico
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