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immigrants Essay

Why the immigrant group chose to leave their homeland
Many Europeans decided to immigrate to the United States. Most Europeans left their home countries because of crop failure, land and job shortages, rising taxes, or famine. They came because they believed the United States was the land of economic opportunity. While other Europeans came seeking personal freedom or relief from political and religious persecution.
The immigrant's journey was terrible; they had to endure weeks of being on the deck of a ship even when it rained. They had to bring their own food and make it last because sometimes the trip took longer than expected. And if they did run out of food the ship would have food for sale but it would be real expensive. And some people couldn't afford it because they spent their last penny on the boat ride.
When theyfirst seen the statue of liberty they were filled with joy because for them that statue stood for freedom and opportunity.
Experiences when theyfirst arrived
Most Europeans came in trough the east coast in Ellis Island and had to pass a physical to be allowed into the United States, those that didn't pass were deported back to their home countries.
Many states, especially those with small populations, attracted immigrants by offering jobs or land for farming. But a lot of immigrants wanted to settle where there were other settlers from their homeland. They wanted to do so because many didn't know the language and others wanted to feel like they were at home.
Once settled immigrants needed to find a job, but there were never enough jobs and employers often took advantage of them. The men immigrants were paid less then the other workers and the women immigrants were paid less then the men immigrants.
Social tensions were also a part of the immigrant experience. The immigrants were stereotyped and discriminated, and many immigrants su

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