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Immigrants Essay

?°How can you describe Americans??±When the question is asked, foreigners describe Americans with the blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin.But when the same question is asked to Americans, they cannot find right words to describe Americans because they feel that the face of America is changing.A person with blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin is not only defined as Americans.Instead people with black hair, dark skin or even with different background are also found as Americans.It is because immigrants were born in America or they are getting used to being in America and now Americans are becoming the melting pot.Over many years, many immigrants have come to the United States for a better life.This immigration has given much confusion of defining ?°America?± and this confusion holds some positive and negative points of view.
Many Americans think that immigrants are problems.Governor Richard Lamm indicates one of the problems is that now some Americans are unemployed because America is taking as twice many immigrants as the rest of the world (Fallows, 5).Americans feel that they are being unemployed due to the many immigrants.Harold Ezell, Western commissioner of the INS, agrees with Lamm that not only legal immigrants but also illegal immigrants are taking American children??s jobs (?°The Changing Face of America?± 143) because so many people want to come to the United States for the better life.The Census Bureau estimated that about 3.5 to 6 million people were illegal residents in 1978 (?°The Changing Face of America?± 142) and some Americans feel that illegal residents are taking jobs away from them.So, Lamm points out that we can no longer allow every immigrants to come to the United States.He also indicates that America does not want additional people because America cannot employ their own citizens (Fallows, 4).Similarly, Roger Conner agrees with Lamm by…

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