How To Write A Rejection Letter

Writing a rejection letter isn’t easy at all. But, writing a rejection letter to some who you have conducted an interview with doesn’t always have to be difficult. The technique of writing a rejection letter is that you have to look for something positive or neutral to write about. This might be a difficult concept for some of you because you will think that how can I be positive when I am rejecting the person and not giving them the post, but in fact, there is always a way and that is what I am going to tell you about.

The article that you are going to read today is going to focus on how you can write a rejection letter that is effective but which doesn’t hurt the person’s feelings. If you are the one who is responsible then it is very important that you learn how to write a rejection letter. Read the tips below to find out more about how you can do this.

Type your letter

Keep in mind that this is not a birthday or wedding invitation that needs your personal touch, and so you need to be sure to type the rejection letter. Never handwrite a rejection letter because it will seem ineffective and unprofessional if you do so.

Be Professional

You have to be careful to always address the candidate by name. Remember that your professionalism and that of your company will be judged through the way in which you write letter.

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This is the reason why you need to address the person you have interviewed by his correct and given name.

Thank the candidate

Rejection Letter Example

At the start of the letter, you have to make sure to thank the person that he came in to the office for an interview. You must thank him for his time and his interest in the company or organization. Remember that this is sort of like the ice breaker statement and so it is crucial that you mention it in your letter.

Firmly state that he is not eligible for the job

It is hard, but you have got to get to the point sooner or later. So, once you have thanked him, inform him that it wouldn’t be possible for the company to hire him. But bear in mind to keep the situation stable by mentioning that you appreciate the candidates qualifications and experiences or his motivation for the job. This was the positive or neutral statement I was talking about earlier.

Give a solid reason

When you are rejecting a candidate and saying that their qualifications or experience isn’t enough, you also need to tell them that you have hired a person who has the appropriate skill and qualification for the job.

Write the ending lines

In the end, remember to wish the candidate the best of luck for his future and his job hunt. Be sure to wish him that he finds a reputable position at a well known company. Close the letter with a standard ‘sincerely’ and sign in your name.

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