How To Write An Argumentative Essay

This sample essay on How To Write An Argumentative Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Nowadays, in the epoch of great technological development study process has become easier and not so troublesome. Modern students don’t need to go to the library, write long precis or spend much time reading boring literature. The global network gives them all necessary information that is essential for study.

Time is changing everything, but essay writing is the permanent component of college or high school. Different types of academic and non-academic papers are in great demand because they reveal the knowledge of students, show the creativity and analytical thinking. This part of education isn’t a problem as well because students have a unique chance to use different services that can create the argumentative essay, for instance, instead of them. Of course, it sounds very positive and sweet, but one fact is obvious – everybody has to know how to write an argumentative essay.

That is why we have dedicated this article to the key steps and crucial things of writing an argumentative essay. Hope it will be informative for you. Moreover, we offer you some argumentative essay examples.

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We invoke you to follow this manual as it will teach you how to create the winning and compelling content. First of all, we intend to tell that good argumentative essay is the writing where the author evaluates the evidence and investigate the topic.

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Another key thing to know is that this type of writing requires not only the presentation of primary and secondary sources; the student has to present his/her assumptions and hypothesis related to the topic. That is why you should be armed with necessary knowledge about how to write an argumentative essay.

Write Good Argumentative Essay

We offer you this guide that will show the right destination for writing.

Understand the essence and goal of argumentative essay

You have to brainstorm all possible variants of this type of writing and conclude how you may present your summary of the issue better; as the main purpose of the essay is to state your position and convince the reader about the credibility of your results.

Pick the winning methodology

While creating your paper, you have to realize which way of writing is the easiest for you. We should say that you can start with arguments and then go to counterarguments.

H3: Understand the message of the essay

You have to know that the content of your text must develop your argument and prove readers that your research is better than other. Moreover, the target audience should be confident that you, as an author, is aware of different aspects of this investigation.

Choose the topic

Common knowledge is that this choice is the most troublesome as from the wide variety of possible variants we have to pick the best. Before you begin, we want to say that good topic has to be debatable, controversial, and up to date. Moreover, your main points of discussion should appeal to you. Do not try to re-write somebody’s paper; your task is to create from scratch. Another key thing to know, do not try to prove the obvious fact, for instance, sport makes us stronger; everybody agrees with it without your evidence and investigation. Be confident that you choose the winning topic.


When you have picked the theme, it is time for you to think about arguments. The first hint, ask your mom or anybody who can listen to your opinion and advice whether your arguments are effective and persuasive. It will help you realize if your statements will convince target audience.

Realize your audience

The crucial thing of essay is to know the audience. Obviously, you will speak differently with the committee and students, for instance. This aspect influences the tone and language of the paper.


It is a high time to speak not about how to write an argumentative essay but the most important aspect of the essay – structure. We want to please you that argumentative essay is not exceptional writing, so it consists of three parts as well as other papers.

Before start writing, you have to make the argumentative essay outline that will help you manage all your data. As you can guess, it is a type of forbidden thing to write the results of the investigation in the opening paragraph. Let’s get started.


Usually, the first paragraph of a paper should be introduction where you present the future investigation. You have to use such hooks that will grab the target audience and attract their attention to your idea. We highly recommend you to comprise the title of used sources and methods that you applied. Do not forget about your thesis statement because it is the logical ending of the first part and beginning of the main body.

e.g., “Female circumcision is also known, more accurately, like female genital mutilation and female genital cutting (FGC.) The tradition of FGC dates back more than 1000 years in parts of Asia, the Far East, Europe, Asia, South America, and even amongst certain ethnic groups in the United States.”

Main body

That is the biggest part of the essay. Be ready to spend much time and effort to make it well. Here you should present information that supports your arguments and statements. Remember that the main aim of this part of the essay is to illustrate the whole picture of the paper. Do not forget to divide it into paragraphs. Moreover, each part of the main body should contain a statement, prof, and evidence that tells the reader about the issue. Such formula will make your essay qualitative.

e.g., “Guided by journalism’s code of ethics—accuracy, objectivity, and fairness—print news reporters have gathered and delivered stories what editors decide is fit for their readers.

One of the most important advantages online news offers over the print news is the presence of built-in hyperlinks, which carry readers from one electronic document to another.

Links provide a kind of transparency impossible in print because they allow readers to see through the online news to the “sources, disagreements, and the personal assumptions and values” that may have influenced a news story (Weinberger).”


Speaking of conclusion, we have to say that this part should be a successful ending of your paper that summarizes thesis, evaluates evidence, and illustrates the results. We highly recommend you state the argument and persuade readers to support your thesis. Remember that it is a type of forbidden thing to present new information in conclusion. The last sentence should include the acknowledgment to your readers. Make such conclusion that will be the best ending of your writing.

e.g., “The Internet has enabled consumers to participate in a new way of reading, questioning, interpreting, and reporting the news. Decisions about appropriate content and coverage are no longer exclusively in the hands of news editors.”

Final steps of how to write an argumentative essay

Now, when you have written the main content of the paper, it is time to cite your primary and secondary sources. Be sure that you follow all rules of correct formatting. Do not forget to consult the professor about the required style.

After this procedure, polish your paper and fix all mistakes. The qualitative essay should be grammatically and lexically correct. That is why arm yourself with patience and proofread your masterpiece.

Hope you have realized the main specificity of the good argumentative essay. Do not postpone and make a piece that will impress the readers. Do you still hesitate how to write an argumentative essay?

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