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The movie “GranTorino” demonstrates that the casualties of war are not Just those on the front line. Nearly all of the characters have experiences the impact of war even though most of the have never been near the front line. This essay will explore the way that war has Impact on different character. Walt Kowalski’s family directly experience the negative ways of war. When Walk the maln character comes back from was he’s a changed person who doesn’t really Ilke other people and finds It really hard to communicate with others even his children, he finds it hard to shows that he cares.

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Throughout the movie he indicates that he doesnt understand his children or grandchildren. I have more common with these gooks than my own spoilt, rotten family. In terms, it can be seen that his children dont know how to show respect to him an example of this is they talking throughout at Walt’s wife Funeral.

He grandchildren are disrespectful and give the impression that the only thing they see Walt is good for his Gran Torino and his money. It is sad to see that Walt has not been able to have a good relationship with his family and he prefer to spend time with his dog.

Rather than a loving relationship It seems that Walt’s children sees him as a Burden and they try to make him to the nursing home because they do not want to being worrying about him.

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The end result Is that after Walks death he loses much of his prized possession Including his Gran Torino to the Hmong people. It Is clear that despite having never been near a war that Walt’s family continues to feel like the casualties of war. Other casualties of war are those that have lost loved one during the war. The Hmong teenager Sue and Thao who lived next door to Walt lost their father in the Vietnam War. Leaving then without a father figure.

This seems to affect Thao more than Sue. At the start of the movie we see Thao being told of by his family for doing tasks that normally done by a woman in the Hmong in the culture. For example he is seen gardening. Thao does not have a father to teach how to fix things, how to stick up for himself and to lead him In a positive direction. Thao is bullied by Hmong gang members. It Is not until Walt takes Thao under his wing that Thao begun to learn to suck up for himself, learn some practical skills and he’s able to get a Job. Thao and Sue are clearly casualties of war growing up In America without a father to ive them through life.

All the Hmong people in the movie “Grand Torino” are Casualties of war because they had to move from their home to America after the Vietnam War. They have to leave Laos following persecution because they fought alongside the America during the war. This means the Hmong people have lost their culture, their homes, and their traditions and in many cases their ability to work. This leads to many challenges, particularly for the youth who are growing up in two different cultures. They are many scenes within the movie where the youth are involved in gang violence.

The male Hmong youth are casualties of was as a growing up without direction, Jobs, and in conflicted culture. As sue says “The Hmong girls over here fit In better. The girls go to college and the boy goes to Jail. In Gran Torino, everyone had experience of war even though they have not fought on the front line. Grand Torino demonstrates how war affects not Just those who fought on the front line but it also affected the soldier family if they came back a different person. It also different country because of a war. This movie clearly shows that the causalities wars are those who are not only on the front line.

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