Investigation Related To Creative Provocation

The following sample essay on the technique seeks provocation think things differently, opening the mind to analyze situations from another point of view, and thus find creative solutions.


The creativity is a wild beast unlimited, however, often is imprisoned. We all are all creative, and we can all be more every day. You only need to train so that when released, we help find alternatives to solve problems or work on any topic forms.

Creativity can be fostered and developed by numerous techniques, including the techniques of provocation .

This is to give a boost to this beast, to lead it by a certain path and put it into action. Learn how to develop, to expand our creativity in an entertaining way.



The technique of provocation is part of the masterpiece by Edward De Bono, considered the father of lateral thinking. It is based on escape preconceived thought patterns and structured, to find alternative paths to a topic put on trial.

These thought patterns are based on those concepts that we take for granted, we take as normal and standardized rules: this is what it is. Do we stop to observe and to question this concept, taken as fixed as a wall. The lack of a creative and less structured analysis is conditioning us not to get out of that thought pattern. And that’s when we apply the provocation which forces us and pushes another way of thinking on that particular topic.

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There are things we take for granted without even questioning it, in a pattern of thought and preconceived perception. For example, drugs cure, clothing shelter, fire warms. Not that these data are incorrect, but fail to analyze the knowledge of these accurate data: knowing that fire oven warms, we think of the oven as the medium baking food, and nothing more.

We can find an everyday example in alternative cleaning products. We know that baking soda is used to make baked fluffy and airy, but with a little attention now also know of its versatile uses in cleaning and renovation of all types of surfaces, including fabrics and upholstery.


The technique of provocation to encourage creativity works on a particular topic, a problem, a search for new ideas, for creative focus for your workout. The first step in the analysis in question is to determine what fact, data or circumstance are taking for granted. Scan the item or the item as if it were the first time you saw in your life.

For example: you think of ideas to improve the user experience on the school bus you drive. Analyze what concepts you’re assuming, without question: the bus takes the children, runs on gasoline, follows a certain path, has ordered seats, has windows on its sides, parents hire you to bring your children to school.

Now, take one of these concepts, only one, and generates provocation to renew, to give a new stimulus to thought pattern fostering creativity. For example: parents hire you to take the kids. Provocation (indicated with the word PO) would be: “PO” I hire parents to let me take their children. From there, follow the ideas, thinking freely and creatively, writing down everything you will happening: I hire children, I pay them for uploading to my bus … I give the children candy when climbing my bus. You have reached a conclusion applies in real life, related to your search for improved user experience small.

Example to apply the techniques of provocation

Creative Focus: I seek new ideas for a new restaurant.

Preconceptions : the restaurant people come, begging for food from a set menu, eat, pay and go.

PO: the restaurant go find people, which is a mobile restaurant, the restaurant will house people; the menu is determined by diners without limits, that people bring their own ingredients and recipes, the restaurant count with a lucky market at the entrance where people choose their ingredients; who are the servants who eat the food, a family prepares or choose the family dinner on your right; the restaurant to pay people to go, people to pay serving as a waiter before eating …

No absurd ideas, you should write them all, but prove humorous or unrealistic, first the write down, and then analyze them one by one, working them until they become possible solutions or ideas that gesten new concepts to encourage creativity .

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