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Here is a new scene that could be slotted into the play of Romeo and Juliet at the end. My new scene begins as Romeo is on his way to the tomb where Juliet is lying, at the stage when everyone believes that she is dead. Romeo, who also believes Juliet is dead, is racing to reach her. Police cars are chasing him, people are shouting, guns are firing. The streets are busy and filled with traffic and all of it is after Romeo.

It is dark, apart from the hard, empty light created from police torchlight and neon signs.

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There is a lot of rain and shouting of the police and people, all wanting to kill Romeo. Romeo reaches the tomb and heads inside. The rest of the people are left outside. In time, the noise levels of the crowd surrounding the tomb drop to a silence. The guns stop firing and the people stop shouting.

All the actors are either almost in a freeze staring at the tomb, or lightly sobbing with shock and distress, yet in slow motion, none of which is over acting. There is a slow, depressing song playing quietly.

As the audience catches a glimpse of the setting- so many people, all wet from the rain and their tears, the surrounding buildings broken and falling apart, the police cars crashed and damaged. When suddenly, with no warning, a gunshot is heard. A loud, echoing gunshot that stuns everyone and ceases the music.

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It was Juliet’s gunshot, the one she used to kill herself for real. Slowly, still in shock the people from outside make their way into the tomb. Among them being the family members we have already met.

There can be other people entering the building, yet it is important that we don’t overcrowd the space. As the people walk in, there is still the stunned silence, still all moving keeping to slow motion. The families reach the lovers’ dead bodies. Romeo’s father realises straight away what has happened. He perceives the tragedy as his fault. The characters that are not principals start to weep. The camera does not show the family members other then Romeos father, who, silently, gently, almost gracefully and without much facial expression walks to the crucifix hanging from the wall.

The setting to this scene must be worked to be very depressing, yet he is holding in his devastation. Suddenly he lifts up a dagger in his right hand and screams, “WHY? ” This is a long, sustained scream that is most depressing. He lifts the dagger high above his head, ready to stab himself in the chest, just on the downward swing, a strong hand grasps his and stops him of committing suicide. Slowly Romeo’s father turns around to see the face of Juliet’s father standing there. Romeo’s father stands up and faces the whole family of the Capulets…

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