Friend Or Foe

What gets us going when it comes to two titans such as Batman and Superman going to war? Something about these two comic book icons specifically provokes interest, competitiveness and debate between fans and the general public alike. They may be teammates, but the description of Batman and Superman’s association vary depending on the author. On one hand they may be working together to stomp out foes who wish to destroy the galaxy. But on the other hand, they occasionally disagree on ways to handle certain situations in which they go to war with each other.

Since there are different portrayals of their awkward yet iconic duo, it’s hard to put a label on their relationship. Let’s get into what makes them so compatible yet such an explosive, drastically different duo.

Let’s start with the amazing Superman. He is constantly trying to save innocent citizens even sparing the ones lives that aren’t always on better side of the law.

Superman has a soft spot for the human race, which brings him more harm than his physical weakness kryptonite. With so much power you can imagine that he has just as many haters as he does fans. The People view him as an issue, almost like a nuclear time bomb that may eventually turn on the people and needs to be under government control. While he can’t please everyone he tries his best but that will always be a losing battle, which says alot about his character.

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Adding to his emotional stressors is the fact that if he loses control of his temper he could easily kill the average law breaker with his super strength.

Next we have Batman, The common citizen/ billionaire trying to save the world in a superpower dominated industry . Batman being a human being with no extraordinary physical capabilities does not make him weaker than his fellow superhero teammates but does help him stay stay under the radar. If you read the comics you know that Batman always has a backup plan to defeat his fellow heroes if they ever get out of control. That shows that Batman is always on edge. He doesn’t put his trust in those around him, which causes him to work as a lone ranger. He wants all criminals put away so that no child is left parentless as he was. Superman saves the planet while Batman saves the streets. He understands he can’t stop every foe single handedly so he does team up when needed but is always ready for the unexpected.

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