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Why Go For Community Immersion Paper

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How Important a Community Immersion? We thought it would be boring and Just a matter of wasting time. For some it is, but for others it is not. For poor people it’s significant and valuable, but for the rich one, most of them will consider it worthless. Being In a community immersion is a great challenge because you need to compromise with those matters that the Indigenous people are used to. You need to show up that everything Is fine and smoothly moving. You need to adjust and maximize your understanding. You need to accept and embrace the things you met along the way.

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You should avoid offending your poster families, like showing that you don’t Like what’s going on, Instead show love and care for them. Eve realized many things when I was In the situation of community Immersion. Eve realized things which awakened my senselessly as an Individual. Can you Imagine a 6 yr. Old child walking for about 6 km everyday Just to go to school? Just to learn! That’s how blessed we are! We Just ride In a car and eventually we’re on school. But them they suffered a lot because they alma for a simple goal, to finish their studies.

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For us, it’s a typical thing, but for them it’s their biggest dream in life. But what caught my attention much; it was their contentment in their living. To eat three times a day was enough for them. It’s a simple living actually but with harmony and peace. It is love that binds them together; it’s their deepest appreciation of each other’s existence that makes them one. No matter how simple the way of living is, happiness never depends on it, but it lies beyond the individuals that live under the roof. Be contented! Appreciate things! Share love and give care! These are what a community immersion will give you!

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