How Can We Say Environment

The following sample essay on “How Can We Say Environment”: describes main environmental problems and it’s solving way.

We can be the trigger factor Of a remarkable change by making small changes in our lily life. The initial step is reducing our energy consumption. Owing the fact that a considerable amount of the electricity need is met by hydroelectric and thermal power plants, the more we use the electricity, the worse the environment is affected. The thermal power plants is mainly run by fossil fuels which make an irrevocable impact on nature by rising the CA emissions to dramatic levels.

As a concrete instance, since the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide concentration on air has doubled.

Hence, by asking small steps like switching off the lights, plugging off the devices instead Of keeping them on stand-by; we can decrease the energy consumption. 70% of the human body consists of water. This fact explains how crucial is the water for our existence. Due to the fact that only 2.

5% of all water in the world is fresh water, water pollution threatens not only the wild life but also the human nature.

In addition, if we add the water scarcity issue, the water will cause the conflicts in the future. Thus, this case must be taken into inconsideration more seriously by governments, companies and people. For example we can contribute to water conversation by doing small things in our houses such as installing environmental-friendly soreheads, using efficient dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand and running it when it’s full.

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These may seem very tiny but who knows, a snowflake may turn into an avalanche. In my point of view, the most important phase is to create a chance for this snowflake to evolve into an avalanche.

But how? I think it can be done by informing people. As an outcome of Industrial Revolution, companies and governments has become more greedy. Earning money and protect their reputation have been their only mission and for the sake of these ends, they are killing the environment. Dramatically, there isn’t adequate protest against these circumstances. Furthermore, the existing protests are suppressed or censored.

That’s why I support this argument. If we inform people about the seriousness of this issue and encourage them to take responsibility, the hardest part will be passed.

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How Can We Say Environment
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