Hess Law Experiment Lab Report

The literature value tort the enthalpy change of the last reaction which was provided by our teacher is -97 k mol-l Agreeing this value, our result can be considered accurate. As told at the beginning of this lab report, our aim of this experiment was to test the validity of He’s law which suggests that the enthalpy change of a reaction must be equal to the sum of the enthalpy changes of the other reactions that elate to the original reaction.

Our result achieved from this experiment is the simple proof of He’s LaWs validity.

Essay Example on Hess’s Law Experiment

Even though the result of an experiment is accurate and matches the literature value, it does not mean that there were no mistakes made. As the difference Of the percentage uncertainty and the percentage error suggests there were random errors made. First of them was the heat energy lost to the surrounding environment during the experiment process taking place.

This caused the recorded highest temperature to be smaller than he actual highest temperature that was meant to reach.

This could have been prevented by adding in more and perfect insulators to minimize the heat loss to the surroundings and maximize the highest temperature that can be reached. Another random error was could have been the absorption of the damp in the air by the Noah pellets, increasing the pellets’ mass and affecting our final results. In addition, lack of time can be considered as a factor that affects the accuracy.

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More trials would have made the experiment more accurate.

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Hess Law Experiment Lab Report
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