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Alcohol Experiment Lab Report Paper

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Proof of the Alcohol Solution: (Percent of Alcohol Based on Volume) (2) = Proof of the Alcohol Solution = (17. 6 96) (2) = 35. 2 Conclusion The experiment was very successful. The experiment went exactly as planned in all three parts. In part I and II of the lab, density of ethanol and water was calculated. The density of water was . 907 g/ml and the density of ethanol was . 724 g/ml. Since the density of ethanol is less than the density of water, it could be predicted that the ethanol would float on top of the water solution when chemically separated. For part Ill of the experiment, ethanol was mixed with an known water solution.

Ethanol is miscible with water so Nasal, ethyl ether, and sodium acetate were added to chemically separate the alcohol from the rest of the unknown solution. The divided solution was then put into a separators funnel, and the water part of the solution was drained. This can be done because the ethanol is a clear color and the water was yellowish. The ethanol having a lower density, floated on top of the yellow water layer, so there was a clear line where the two divided. The water layer was drained from the solution leaving just the ethanol in the separators funnel. Using the drained water layer al of the calculations above could be made.

Alcohol Experiment Lab Report

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Errors were definitely made in this lab. The measurements of density and water were off. The known density of water is 1. 00 g/ml not . 907 g/ml and the known density of ethanol is . 789 g/ ml not . 724 g/ml. These errors were made because the mass scale was not calibrated or because a slight error was made reading the volume. It is also likely that an error was made when draining the water layer. It is impossible to tell exactly where the solution switches from water to ethanol, so some ethanol probably got drained with the water layer. This would slightly change the volume ND mass of the water layer.

However, these mistakes were expected to happen and the lab was still very successful. Every step of the lab went as expected, and even if the numbers are a little incorrect they are very close to what they should be. Questions Using the mass percent of my experiment, 30. 4 %, the theoretical density of my solution would be 0. 940 g/ml. The density of the unknown that was calculated based on volume and mass was 0. 9326 g/ml. To find the percent error, subtract the theoretical density from the actual density, divide by the theoretical density, and the multiply the entire thing by 100.

Alcohol Experiment Lab Report

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