Examples of Heroes With Integrity and Gratitude

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This person puts away self-desires to make others happy in difficult situations or circumstances. There are many different types of heroes because of how one may describe the person they look to as one. A lot of times people look up to those who do the impressive, noticeable deeds as heroic, but oversee those who do small, yet significant acts in life.

If the small acts change someone’s life for the better that is a hero as well. A heroic person does something or things because they feel like they need to not because they have to.

In the three readings, “From Bodega Dreams”, “Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane”, and “The Train from Hate” all symbolizes a heroic person but in very different ways.

A hero to me is someone having the strength to stand up for what is right, even if they have to do it alone. To me this Is someone that is using their courage strengths to overcome the unthinkable. I look at my brother as a hero. My older brother is one of my heroes because of the love he have and work he put forth in everything he do. For example, my brother works hard and goes above and beyond his Job description.

Who is a Person Of Integrity Example

Everyone as to face fears in life, but a hero goes and eliminates difficulties with passion and ambition.

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Heroes to me are brave because they are faced with tough situations and still act anyway. Another one of my heroes is my father. My father was the family provider growing up and did everything it took to make everyone happy. My father sacrificed his whole life to see my family happy on numerous occasions and that is heroic to me. Heroes are also unselfish. Unselfish is putting the needs of others before ones own. My son Is my last hero.

In most cases, If two parents split apart the mother is the primary nurturer for the children. My son acts as a mother and father to his children. Seeing my child provide each and every day make me so proud. All three men fit the description of a hero because of their willing to face fears, bravery, and putting others before themselves. In the short selection “From Bodega Dreams” written by Ernest Quinine, Mr.. Blessings was a white, middle class man, who thought highly of himself, and taught English at Burros Junior High. He saw his students as being beneath him because of their race.

He told the boys In class that they would end up In Call and that the girls were going to end up hooking. He got away with most of the things he did because the administration would not do anything. The science teacher, Jose Tapir, was liked by all of the students. He lectured, mentored, taught, and loved his students. He influenced the students so much that the principal tried making him a gym teacher on many occasions. One day, the students and Mr.. Blessings were In deep discussion of why the school was named after a Hispanic woman. The students also wanted to read Julia-day-Burros poems but he said no.

The debate thicken when Mr.. Blessings asked the student Sapp where was his homework. Not wanting to be bothered Sapp replied, “I’m going to Jail, so why bother, right? ” Mr.. Blessings balled up Capos drawing and that made him very angry. As they stared into each other eyes for a second, Sapp went to walk 1 OFF Blessings putting him in a head lock and Sapp biting him. When Tapir found out he was fuming. He told Sapp to say that he was Just hearing voices so that he would not end up in Jail like Mr.. Blessings would have liked. Tapir showed heroism because of what he did for the children that he did not have to do.

The great things he exposed the teenagers too made them look up to him. The mother could be considered the hero in the story “The Train of Hate” written by John Hope Franklin. Author Franklin begins telling his life story of growing up in Reinventions, Oklahoma. His father moved to Tulsa in hopes to support the family and him, his sister, and mother stayed together. The three would make the trip to Cheetah to shop. On one particular day they were running late. Not aware of which coach it was, the mother flagged the train down and it happened to be one reserved for “whites” only.

The conductor made them get off the train in a very rude manner. It made the young boy rye because the conductor acted in such a mean way. The mother then gave her children a lesson. She explained that no one had the higher hand, black or white. “Under no circumstances, should I be upset or distressed because someone sought to demean me. It took too much energy to hate or even to fight intolerance with one’s emotions,” said the mother. Franklin stated that, that happening to them changed his life for the better. It carried over in the future because he always remembered to never let others influence who he was.

She was a hero because she taught and acted in character for the sake of herself and children. Split purple lips, lumped ears, yellow scars, and scars to prove he did not play all describes Hard Rock. “Hard Rock” was this brave criminal locked up that everyone knew not to mess with. In the poem “Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane” written by Tethering Knight he showed this to all the inmates. Hard Rock did things so brutal such as slapping his dinner tray across a captain’s face. Hard Rock was a hero to all of the other inmates because he was the destroyer, and doer of all the things.

Everyone else was scared to even think about accomplishing these things in fear of ears of incarceration, or the biting whip. Hard Rock was their inspiration to what was wrong and not gets punished, but all of this suddenly changed. Hard Rock was sent away to doctors. Word around the prison was to get his brain cut out and electricity shot through the rest. When he arrived he barely even looked the same. To test if he changed any, a hillbilly’s called him out of his name and by surprise Hard Rock did not do anything. It took him a total of three minutes to even say what his name was. This was not the Hard Rock everyone grew to look up to.

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Examples of Heroes With Integrity and Gratitude
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