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CT REPORT ON “MANGO AS AN APPAREL MANUFACTURING BRAND” Submitted to: Submitted by: Dr. Indu Gupta Ranjeeta Nongthombam PGFD-II ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, I would like to thank the Almighty for showing me the path whenever I am in despair and the blessing showered upon me to complete the task.

I would like to thank my parents for giving me emotional support whenever needed and their words of encouragement without which it would have been difficult to complete.

I would like to show my gratitude to my mentor Dr. Indu Gupta for providing me support, help and guidance without which it would not have been completed. I express my thanks to the Director of Satyam fashion Institute, for extending his support. Last but not the least I would like to thank my friends who has given me moral support to complete this project report.

Without the support of these wonderful people, it would have been difficult for me to complete my assigned task and indeed thankful. TMango is a clothing and design manufacturing company founded at Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic. It design, produces, distributes apparel and accessories. It opened its first store at Barcelona then expanded to Valenci just catering to domestic market. By 1988 the company expanded to 13 outlets but by 1992 it did open stores outside the domestic market. History of domestic market can be divided in to 2 stages.

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Its goal is “to be present in every city” in the world.

The Mango Essay

The company has more than 2,000 stores in 103 countries. Its first website as created in 1995 and, five years later, in the year 2000, it opened its first online store. Mango has over 8,600 employees, 1,850 of whom work at the Hangar Design Centre and at its Headquarters in Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona). 2. PRODUCT RANGE Mango is purely an apparel based company which includes the different departments involved in the creation and manufacture of Mango fashion collections, as well as the concept of Mango brand image and its projection outside the company.

Consequently, this includes departments such as Design, Showroom, Purchasing, Graphic Design, Window Dressing, Interior Design, Product Distribution, Merchandising, etc. All of the garments and accessories are designed around the idea of collections and matching items, so a planning procedure taking into account production and distribution is an essential part of the process, together with high standards of quality at all stages, from controls at source to the final point of sale.

Their garments and accessories are of high-to-medium quality and always seek to maintain the same manufacturing standard (a constant level of quality, the same characteristics, etc. ), which means that a single model is only ever produced by one manufacturer or one production workshop, except in very specific cases where the legislation limits production due to the source and quotas. 3. PRICE RANGE Mango becomes the most favorite brand of clothing fashion line of most young women (and even men). Mango is a product that has both the fashion style and the quality at a very affordable price.

Buyers are fascinated in getting a good bargain on high quality clothing, and this makes the Mango Company become so successful. Mango knows how to understand what the public is after when it comes to their fashion choices. They understand that everyone wants the latest trends, but can often not afford to dress in the way that they want. By introducing Mango clothes fashion line that are trendy, attractive and affordable. They guarantee that they will meet all the needs of an average clothing consumer. Mango has over eight hundred stores in the world.

In fact, at present Mango has opened 1135 stores in North America, the Middle East, Latin American states, Europe and more than 90 countries. Mango clothes remain fashionably relevant to continue their current success. Moreover, the company is planning to open more stores to triple their current number. Mango Clothing has been able to provide consumers with a great alternative to high end, high priced clothing. The quality of Mango clothes are almost the same as what other designer clothes provide, plus, it is not as expensive as what other designer clothes.

Clothing retailers that hit the mark with the look and affordability of their Clothing, but fall short when it comes to the quality. We can visit any nearest local store or try visiting their official website so buyer can view what are the latest offerings available prior shopping on store. If there is no available store near at any place, another good way to purchase Mango clothes is through shopping online just make sure that buyer pay attention to the online source that use to buy their clothing. . PROMOTION The MANGO franchise system places at a comprehensive system that covers all aspects relating to product marketing and franchise management. MANGO takes care of all the other aspects: * Always up to date with the latest trends. * Providing with a collection that is complete, extensive and varied. * Supplying in accordance to needs, avoiding possible inventory cost. * Carrying out store’s interior design project. * Training sales and management team. Changing store’s window displays design on a regular basis. – Assisting continuously on item display and sales issues with the help of periodic visits by product and merchandising professionals. 5. PLACES This focuses on the reception, storage and dispatch of goods, aiming to allow quick distribution and automatic stock replacement to all our stores. The department is divided into various sections: maintenance, reception, CML distribution, GTT distribution, surpluses, stock (hung and folded), delivery and transport.

The principal tasks of the department are: reception and coding of goods for subsequent classification and stocking; preparation of daily sales replacements in stores; dispatch of goods until their reception in stores; packing, courier services, end of season returns, confirmation of transfers, classification and stocking of clothing and replacement stock to Outlet stores, etc. 6. SUMMARY Mango was set up with the mission to “be present in all cities in the world” and projecting a coherent and unified image.

The company was founded according to three fundamental suppositions, which were not so obvious in the Seventies: * Offer quality garments at a reasonable price without this meaning moving away from the latest fashion for young, modern clients; * Manufacture in countries with more competitive production costs, obtain a low cost and keep prices competitive; and * Control operating costs thanks to up-to-date information systems. From these three suppositions, Mango provides us with a drastic change in the traditional textile sector in: * Developing a global brand concept through fast adaptation to the ultural habits using the design of articles which are adapted to the geographic area * Developing a production management system with third party companies through which it controls the quality of the clothes * Developing SLM (Mango’s Logistics System) which eases product distribution, reduces transport and handling costs, manages inventories on a global scale in real time, and allows for flexibility in reaction to the various changes in the environment.

The concept of a global brand, the efficiency of its computer and logistics systems, as well as its team of professionals have been key factors for Mango’s sustained growth over these years. The boutique climate of the store through design and decoration leads to a purchase, the meticulous selection of personnel to project a coherent image, a collection of their own stores and franchise-holders that emanate the same style.

Presently, the company is developing a dynamic advantage in dealing 13with continuous changes in the environment. This requires continual readjustment to productive-logistic processes through IT. This competitive advantage along with the culture of human relations means that the business model can continue to maintain its sustained growth. 7. BIBILOGRAPHY www. mango. com www. fashiongear. fibre2fashion. com www. slideshare. net

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