Jejemon Language Expressions Paragraph

Essay Example on Thesis About Jejemon Language

Jejemons. are you one of them?

Essay Example on Thesis About Jejemon Language

Recently. person tagged me in a eldritch exposure in facebook demoing Jejemon…I ne’er knew that freakin word and didn’t attention until I saw on the intelligence what they are. what it means and why the snake pit it’s being aired everyplace. Well. at least in Phil. This hub is all about Jejemon. What is Jejemon?

What is Jejemon truly? It was derived from two words jeje ( from “hehe” agencies laughter ) and mon ( a Japanese-influenced postfix in Pokemon ) Jejemons are the people who laugh “Jejejeje” alternatively of “heheheh” in Pinoy SMS.

Jejemons has multiplied through chat rooms. on-line games. societal webs and widely in nomadic texting. They became a popular subculture because they make their ain regulations of spelling. punctuation and grammar. They type words in the practical universe by jumping capital and little letters. adding H. Z etc.

So eldritch that merely their group could understand.

dHeY type wOrdz lYk diZs

**To view their website visit Jejemon. com

Jejemon became so controversial and frequently. it creates arguments discoursing the advantages anddisadvantages of Jejemon.

Good Effectss of Jejemon

* Gives pleasance to a societal group. Jejemons became a folk. so if you are one of them. you tend to bask like them. I can’t object and I’m non against them but I know every pack or sorority brings pleasance to anyone in a manner he feels he belongs… * Secret codifications.

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If you’re a Jejemon. you decidedly cognize how to talk and how to pass on with them. Merely you and your folks can understand each other reasonably good. So possibly. in times of secretiveness. you can discourse utilizing your particular footings. * The feeling of freedom. If you’re a proud Jejemon. it besides means you don’t care about anti-Jejemon critics. It’s a mark that you are liberated from what others would believe.

Bad Effectss of Jejemon

* You forget your chief linguistic communication. Whatever it is. English or Filipino. if you’re a Jejemon. you ever speak with it. so you get used to it. Your other idioms are set aside. Oftentimes. it will allow you bury the right spelling or grammar in English or Filipino. * Jologs position. ( All right Jejemons don’t monster out ) Jologs. merely like Jejemon. is a term used to denote low category group who are bulk from the state towns. frequently times termed as “tambay” Jologs is a label of no-care to the universe of etiquette or whatever is dainty and proper for that affair. * Outcast. Jejemons unluckily are non widely accepted in the state so if person kind of suspects he’s speaking to one. he won’t talk with him once more or be a friend with him. A perfect illustration would be what I’ve read from a site that says. “OMG you’re a Jejemon! Bye! ” Because of it. Jejemon has been a large societal issue. * Difficult to read. All would hold it’s gross outing difficult to read Jejemon words.

Sample Jejemon words and phrases

eOw poHw! ( hello Po )
xInU Poe xLa? ( sino Po sila )
jejejeje ( heheheh )

Make Jejemons rag you?
Top of Form
* Yup so raging!
* No. they are cool.
Bottom of Form
See consequences without voting
Make Jejemons rag you?

DepEd ( Department of Education ) discourage everyone utilizing such grammar because of the obvious effects. A batch of groups have grown besides to battle
Jejemons. they areJejebusters. Anti-jeje. GOT TA KILL ‘EM ALL JEJEMON and many more.

Surprisingly. the term “Jejemon” won the word of the twelvemonth inSawikaan 2010 over nine other entries. by the University of the Philippines academic group in Diliman. Quezon City organized by the Filipinas Institute of Translation.

I have no job with Jejemons and they don’t annoy me at all because I don’t talk/text to anyone of their sort.

Essay Example on Thesis About Jejemon Language

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