Northeastern Expectations Around Academic Integrity

I understand as part of the northeastern university academic integrity policy school has many expectations for its students to follow it and to be honest about academic integrity. First Neu expects its students not to cheat on the academics because as it excepts everyone to learn the subject so it would help every student to understand concepts easier if you do work on the individual. If you copy some others work or cheat by taking help from other sites it would get bad not only us but also university has to suffer a lot due to student’s academic integrity.

First northeastern expects its student not to cheat on academics because it expects every student to do its individual work with would help students gain knowledge from the work we do. I have learnt so of important strategies that would help not to cheat in any point by planning ahead about the subject and knowing when the last date due to submit, to planning according to by going to library taking sources from the books and taking down concepts which will help to do avoid not to cheat.

We need to know the restrictions about course and syllabus regarding subject and writing of examinations if any kind of appropriative of any subject issue can be know easily. Second is northeastern university expects its students not to involve in any plagiarize things. It expects every student to be honest towards its work and not to plagiarize the assignments, projects. Thirdly northeastern experts its students not to collaborate without authentication, NEU expects everyone to follow while browsing in secure and private browsing.

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NEU excepts everyone to follow rules given by the collaborate prompts. Fourthly Northeastern university won’t allow in dishonest acts on academics like assignments and projects and paper reports etc. should be done by every individual has to do by their own in any situation and must be honest in work that is given. To be done in honest way we need provide a certain time to academics such as home works and projects, discussions and more should planned well and learning concept and implementing in exact procedure will be very easy to do assigned work on time.

Provide strategies you will be used to avoid another violation There are many strategies that I will use to avoid another violation by upholding NUE’s academic integrity policy. We need to plan for entire quarter by making note of the submission dates, due for paper submissions, attending classes on time, being interactive in classes with professors it will help a lot in gaining subject and also doing projects, discussions. First, the strategies that I will use not to cheat being honest towards my work and not copying others work, even its useless when you copy from other students because we would not be learning anything from subject by cheating. It clearly states that if you want gain certain knowledge from subject its better to stick on to individual’s work itself because it helps learn subject and concepts.

Here we need to understand something important that is we not cheating anyone we are getting cheated by own activities itself by not learning any subject and concepts but paying a lot of money for it. Second the strategies I will use to not to plagiarize in any point by mentioning cite through creating citing is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism by mentioning all citations for easy or for final project submissions. Third the strategies that I will use not to collaborate without permission. Having a clear goal on certain assignment or project. We should even never share with any other students] materials or project, reports, people without permission or knowing this would be inappropriate. Even sharing with other student documents and files also leads to it. Submission work prepared and deliberately submitted work would lead to explicit permissions from an instructor would also cause would not reach northeastern expectations.

Fourth the strategies that I will use not to participate in dishonest acts would be like reading syllabus of a particular subject carefully know the clarification with the instructor regarding class policies whenever we have any issues or not able to understand anything or unclear do not rely on other students for information it’s better to put a mail regarding any issue so it would be clear. We always need to make note we are excepted to complete the entire assignment by an individual. We need have clarity what is excepted while we are working in group. If we are able to complete an assignment in a certain time limit we can request the instructor to extend due date for the submission of paper. Discuss proper resources you will use to avoid a violation.

There are many resources will use proper resources to avoid violation. First will make use of resources that are available at college library and even NEU has its own tutors through Lynda online courses which are free for northeastern university students which is great opportunity to make use of it, also helps to avoid cheating by my making use of all these resources provided by NEU. Second to avoid plagiarize also we can make use of resources provided by NEU and it also has provided an option in blackboard course materials and we have class discussion and student communication options where we can directly ask questions to instructors and he/she would solve over problem regarding subject as soon as possible with is great opportunity that is provided by NEU we need to make use of it. If we make use of all resources that are provided by NEU it would help us to avoid violation for sure.

To be frank it took for me also three weeks to book an appointment with an international tutoring center. Yes I scheduled my appointment right way but I have no idea how to take an appointment for ITC, I have done mistake first by booking an ITC appointment with Seattle campus because all slots where booked on Snell library, as I thought Seattle is other building name which is located at Boston itself I thought next time I took an online appointment which is applicable for because it was mentioned clearly you should take a face-to-face appointment and after that all slots where filled up to get an appointment with ITC instructor it took three week reach because there were only online tutors unavailable so that is the reason it took much time to book an appointment with ITC.

Yes, ITC had very busy calendar which prevented me to reach the instructor fast. And there no slot available for week and I even went without an appointment to Snell library where the instructor told me book an appointment then only it is possible for them teach me. Yes, I would foresee using this resource in the future because to develop my writing skills and Tutor Donna in my first visit itself she has thought a lot in writing skills, how to avoid plagiarizing in writing. Even I would recommend my friends to also take ITC appointments for writing skills development. Finally Discuss anything else you have learned from this experience, To be honest, I have learned lot in base on academics and writing skills also have developed a lot. I learned that not to ask someone’s help like friends it’s better to an instructor regarding that he is the best person to guide us and resolve questions in easy way. I learned from this experience is give most importance to discussions and projects, final paper submissions, with would help me develop my career and also helps to reach my goals.

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