Green Revolution Within Reach

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People need energy all the time. Not only electricity Is In great demand to make houses and other building operate but we need fossil fuels to use wide range of transportation. According to estimates, nonrenewable sources will run out in the foreseeable future. Scientists predict that we will be able to exploit coal for about two hundred and twenty years, natural gas about sixty years and oil will run out in forty years .

They also suggest the shift from fossil-fuel-consuming civilization towards the green global community who will create a symbolic relation with nature. In practice, this means seeking alternative sources of energy that come from gifts of nature. And when you analyses the latest European union law regulation about increasing usage of alternative energy 2, or read about newest scientific experiments with hydrogen cars and energy-efficient houses you will be convince the process of becoming green has already begun.

Although there are some fears and doubts In this new social movement, the benefits far outweigh and give a new chance for mankind not to act against but coexist with the beauty of nature. As a priority, alternative sources of energy as opposed to fossil fuels are clean energy. They do not cause emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Not releasing any carbon dioxide they do not contribute to the process of global warming as the popular and widespread fossil fuels do.

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Besides, they can be widely used for producing and generating electricity. When you consider the share of sources In producing electricity In the world, due to BP Statistical Yearbook 2004, you will notice the huge share of fossil fuels (67%1 nuclear energy(16%) In comparison to 7% coming from hydroelectric dams(16%) and wind energy Hopefully, the world governments act for green solution and advertise clean energy giving incentives for maintaining it.

Analyzing the newest European union law regulation concerning energy policy you read about plans imposed on all Its members to generate electricity from wind, sun and water In order to Increase the usage of alternative energy sources up to 20% In total European energy production with the time deadline to 2020. In Norway, for example, scientists having been working since 60-ices of last century have tried to use gig and low tides of oceans to generate cheap energy. Only one obstacle has ceased and delayed these experiments so far, an appropriate material which could resist salt sea water.

Fortunately the newest technology have brought new solutions and scientists were able to create huge water turbines with special protecting Installation covered with specially designed paints that can operate without any additional maintenance. Only in 2004 Norway activated about 19 turbines of such type which can supply energy for 1 600 houses. Although the process of constructing ocean turbines still remains a secret, lots of other countries follow the ideas and test similar ones with the support of government financial programmer.

Although nonrenewable sources boast with wide range of them from solar energy, wind, geothermal, tide energy or hydroelectric energy, being environmentally friendly teen cost nudge amount AT money- opponents argue. Protestor Jesse Accused Trot Rockefeller University estimates that to satisfy Aqua’s electricity needs, they would have to cover all of Texas and Louisiana with wind turbines what would be very expensive. Meanwhile, considering the prices of oil at their peak, continuous bill rising and perspective of running out of liquid sources, the huge input of money in making alternative sources operate equals.

In addition, when you remember the idea of paying green taxes’ by those who damage the environment you have no doubts. Money is equal with only one difference you pay before, making the alternative sources operate, or after usage being left with high bills. Oil believers claim also that as long as benefits of alternative sources can be measure in electricity production they absolutely fail when you consider the remonstration. Our civilization stands out with the productivity of goods and their huge dislocation at the same time. This requires tons of oil and gas with the huge share of oil (90% ) in the entire world transportations.

Following The Report of Peak Oil for USA department “the peak of oil production will make serious problem for liquid sources in transportation not energetic crises generally speaking. They consider no other possibilities in this branch. Fortunately the world of science together with vehicle lovers offer unlimited visions and prospects in automobile development. After oil and gasoline engine, respected motor and car companies such as Toyota, Lexus, Ionians or Honda have launched their new inventions, a car which combines a small fuel-efficient gas engine with an electric motor that assists the engine when accelerating.

The electric motor is powered by batteries that recharge automatically while you driver. This ecological whim called hybrid car is gaining more and more popularity and other car companies being convinced of new technology are bringing out new models. Only in 2004 Lexus ARC eh received the reward of European Car of The Year. When you insider other kinds of transportation, cities like Seattle have diesel-electric buses- these can draw electric power from overhead wires or run on diesel when they are away from the wires.

Giant mining trucks, or submarines are often diesel-electric hybrids, or nuclear-electric. And the latest invention of automobile world- the hydrogen car proves the human genuine and denies the gloomy vision of oil dependence. The process of becoming green does not mean generating electricity from alternative sources or seeking innovative solutions in automobile industry, it also means reduction in consumption and perhaps less comfortable and more emending way of life. As people are becoming more and more sensitive towards environmental issues, they accept ‘green solutions’.

Surprisingly, it looks as a new thriving revolution, or as skeptics prefer to call a fashion of becoming green. In the USA green industry makes huge profits and is nearly comparable with the dot- revolution in the 90-ices. Green architecture is thriving gaining new branches from new raw materials to recycled. You can admire new efficient and ecologically friendly office buildings in Japan, China, USA or in Europe, usually skyscrapers powered by mind or solar panels with rainwater collectors, insulating glass system and daylight dimming system; all constructed in one purpose to reduce energy and water consumption’s.

There is also widespread tendency to build self-sufficient houses powered Dye alternative sources, Walt inclement logging system’s All tense symptoms prove that green global community is becoming an absolute fact not a marginal fanaticism of some forces, and if this requires, if any, some personal sacrifices like walking instead of going by car or riding a bike instead of driving a car, it is worth taking it up in the name of higher value – Our Earth protection.

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