The Importance of Motivation to Reach Our High Goals in Life

Motivation refers to imaginary construct that is utilized in the explanation of particular behavioral pattern. It is a representative of the actions that we do in our daily activities, the things we desire daily, and our needs every day. In addition, motivation can be taken to mean our directional kind of behavior in our daily lives, or that kind of norm that keep us repeating certain form of behavior. Motivates are the things we face in our daily lives and they keep us do things in certain form, or establish a trend towards certain form of life.

With the regard to question on what motivate a person is a very wide type of question. This is because every person has a desire to achieve certain things; therefore certain norm must be created towards achieving the same. As a student, I setting goals and achieving them is my greatest motivation I have ever experienced. I do feel greatest pleasure in attaining my goals.

With this, I tend to set specific lowest grades and work beyond the set target. This has helped me to perform total self control. Moreover, it do know what I really want, develop the intrinsic power to undertake my daily activities that are aimed at achieving the set targets.

According to Hara (2003), it is an authentic fact when individuals posses certain goals that gives them guidance they need to achieve their set goals. He cites that people develop the tendency to be happier and as a result, the achievement is more than what was initially set up.

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This is because, through a achieving the set goals, a neurotransmitter known as dopamine is generated that is responsible for feelings related to pleasure. The dopamine does this through activating the neural circuit system that initiates the eagerness in an individual necessary for pursuing the new challenges.

Carl (2011), cites that people who are highly motivated posses the strong desire to realize important things in their lives, and gain fulfillments in their daily tasks while those persons that do protect themselves from failing are termed as failure avoiding persons. Failures avoiding oriented persons are likely to give up in their pursuit for success, especially when the success seemingly is not coming any time soon.

However how much I set goals, I still find myself doing certain things that are rather not directly proportional to the set goals. Self realization is the most important thing that keeps me doing things that are rather useless with regard to my outlined goals of achieving high academic standards. For example, taking a walk with friends, engaging in playing cards, and some other activities that are rather irrelevant to academic are the activities I do that are seemingly useless. The activities, according to my evaluation, are not useless but irrelevant to main goals. Through this, I am capable of expanding my horizon of thinking so as to create absolutely new strategy esteemed towards at achieving my goals.

According to Marslow’s theory of needs, he states that the needs that are lower in rank do tend to take priority number one in the hierarchy. With regard to the thought, the needs are categorized into five such as self actualization, psychological, safety, belongingness, and esteem (Analytictech , n.d.). Marslow explains the tendency of people to tend to engage in rather useless activities.

Conversely, Alderfer’s ERG theory is in conflict with Marslow. Instead, a person can establish the intensity towards goals achievements rather than useless activities. Alderfer’s theory stick on growth needs, existence needs, and relatedness needs. Therefore, the intensity that a person can develop towards set goals is the man determinants of the outcome. The reason as to why I do the activities that I really do not enjoy can be explained by intrinsic and extrinsic motivational theories. Intrinsic motivation refers to the desire to look for totally new things and new challenges in life (Life Coach, 2016). With this, I try to examine and provide evaluations to my life. The process is an important tool that helps me in gaining new knowledge necessary towards attaining the chief goals. It exists within and has no external influence. Conversely, extrinsic theory tends to talk about the activity performance so as to achieve a desire. It has an influence from external factors (Analytictech, n.d.). In this context, the external factor can be peers influence, parents, teachers, and any other influence. The influences can be negative or positive according to how it affects the set goals.

Generally, the students do require intrinsic and extrinsic kind of motivation so as to reach their high goals. Most importantly, a student must know that success is a personal responsibility and must come from within, Secondly; it is opportunistic to demand for tasks that are achievable. Thirdly, striving to achieve is valuable, and enjoyable. Fourthly, it is possible to achieve ones skills so as to get higher goals than the expected standards. Lastly but not least, persistence must exist n every kind of set goals. No goal can be achieved easily. This is because the challenges ever exist on the course.

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The Importance of Motivation to Reach Our High Goals in Life
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