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This essay sample on Functional Health Patterns provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Health-perception or health-management pattern a. How will you describe your health practices in order to maintain health? i. I avoided eating foods high in fats and sweets. 1. I really can’t resist the temptation when I am craving for it. 2. I tried my best to avoid them, but I really can’t stand a day without having sweets as my dessert.

ii. I perform regular exercises and I occasionally drink some liquor. 1. I’ve been busy the past weeks and I was not able to go to the gym. 2. Since I got fired from work, I had no choice but to find comfort from liquor.

b. Do you have any concerns regarding your health? i. I understand well whatever is happening to my body due to my illness, thanks to Dr.

Smith. 1. I really do not understand much what Dr. Smith was explaining about my illness. 2. Dr. Smith was using a lot of technical terms which I can not understand well. ii. I am really glad that my physician explained to me the importance of complying to my medications. 1. I really have a hard time swallowing the tablets 2. I am having a hard time drinking the medications on time due to work. c.

How To Use Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns

How well do you comply with the treatment measures prescribed by your physician? i.

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I greatly comply with my medication regimen by taking it on time. 1. I ran out of medications which lead to a missed dose. 2. I was too busy in the office; I forgot to take my medication. ii. Complying with my medication regimen is not hard for me due to the reminders that I made. 1. Unfortunately, I feel sick whenever I see those reminders. 2. I just hate the taste of medications. 2. Nutritional and metabolic pattern a. Do you have a good appetite or a poor appetite? i.

I have a good appetite and am enjoying every meal I ate. 1. I easily lose appetite when the food is not attractive. 2. Eating has been my problem since I have a hard time enjoying food when they serve some vegetables. ii. I terribly love eating, and I haven’t experienced any loss of appetite. 1. Recently, I feel so bloated and I don’t feel like eating. 2. I easily get nauseated after I smell the aroma of the cooked food. b. How will you describe your hydration pattern? i. I think I have a good hydration pattern; I drink loads of fluid each day. 1. I seldom drink fluids because I find no time.

2. I easily get thirsty here, especially with the hot weather we have. ii. I do not think I have issues with fluids because I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. 1. I only drink small amounts of fluid after meals. 2. I find it hard time drinking water because I am so used with flavored beverages. c. How often do you usually eat in a day? i. I often eat 2-3 large meals in a day. 1. A meal once a day is my usual pattern of eating since I a so busy. 2. My usual eating pattern is twice a day. ii. I am a person who eats a lot, and I ate 3 large meals and some snacks.

1. I seldom eat when I do not feel like to. 2. I easily lose my appetite when eating, that’s why I usually eat snacks. 3. Elimination pattern a. How will you describe your urinary pattern? i. I think I have a normal urination pattern. 1. I have difficulty initiating voiding. 2. I experience pain when I void. ii. I usually have no problem urinating. 1. I saw raw blood whenever I void. 2. I usually had difficulty controlling my voiding. b. How will you describe your bowel function? i. I have a regular bowel function, defecating before I go to sleep. 1.

Most of the time, I am constipated. 2. It takes me days before I defecate. ii. I usually defecate once a day every morning. 1. I defecate once a day, but it is usually very painful. 2. My stool is usually with blood, whenever I defecate. c. How will you describe your perspiration pattern? i. I perspire at most after a basketball game. 1. It usually takes me a while before I perspire. 2. Even after playing basketball and volleyball, I still do not perspire. ii. I usually perspire after I do jogging for an hour. 1. I find it weird because I perspire even if I am doing nothing. 2.

After 15minutes of standing in a corner of the hallway, I end up having as shirt all soaked with perspiration. 4. Activity/leisure pattern a. How often do you perform any exercises? i. I perform exercise thrice a week by jogging. 1. I feel lazy getting up of bed every morning. 2. I hate the heat being experienced from the morning sun. ii. I have gym classes, which is around three times a week. 1. I hate perspiring because the smell makes me dizzy. 2. I hate my gym instructor that’s why I stopped going to gym. b. How will you describe your breathing pattern? i. I can easily breathe even if I am lying down.

1. I feel some pain when I breathe. 2. I usually experience gasping when I try to lie down. ii. I can breathe well even during on exertion. 1. I experience gasping of air whenever I am stressed. 2. Simple pushing a cart makes me go tachycardic. c. How do you feel today? i. I feel good today after having a great breakfast. 1. I feel a bit dizzy after waking up. 2. I do not really feel that well since my beloved dog just died. ii. I feel great after the exercise. 1. I feel weak after exercising without eating breakfast. 2. I feel like my head is spinning. 5. Sleep-rest pattern a.

Do you feel rested or not rested after sleep? i. After sleeping, I feel so refreshed and well rested. 1. After I woke up, I still feel so exhausted. 2. I do not want to get up from my bed. ii. Upon waking up, after a long sleep, I feel energized. 1. Upon opening my eyes, I still feel like I want to sleep more. 2. Upon waking up, my whole body still aches. b. How will you describe your sleeping pattern? i. I do not have any problems sleeping, I can easily fall asleep. 1. I actually find it hard sleeping even with just minimal noise. 2. I have difficulty sleeping even after I had some milk.

ii. Whenever the lights are turned off, I fall asleep. 1. Unfortunately, I am really having a hard time sleeping due to change of shift. 2. I find it hard to sleep due to the things bothering my mind. c. Have you tried using any sleeping aids in order to sleep? i. I have not tried using any sleeping pills in order to sleep. 1. I can easily sleep, so I don’t need any sleeping aids. 2. I just have to close my eyes, and that’s it, I’m asleep. ii. I haven’t tried any sleeping pills, just some non-medicinal alternative ways. 1. I fear the adverse effects that those pills can bring on me.

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