Functional Areas within Asda

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If Asda don’t change their objectives then they will start to lose capital, customers and market share. Aims may need to change in order to satisfy the changing needs of the customers e.g. reduction in cost. Asda’s main aim is very unlikely to transform unless the vision and the focus of the whole business changes. This could happen if the owner is changed or the company is struggling in the market.

How Swift Supplies ownership could change Swift Supplies has been a sole trader since it started off in the year 2000 and it has been expanding since so the chance of it changing into another ownership is very likely.

 There are a lot of factors that may affect Swift Supplies status of ownership. If Swift Supplies do decide to change they may change into a LTD to get limited liability and get a basic idea of shares being sold and bought privately so that they have the experience if they want to change into a PLC.

They may change into a partnership if the competition is too strong or it’s too hard to manage a business on by one person. Swift Supplies is run by one person but he has four staff under his employment, three of them are his relatives and if Swift Supplies do form a partnership they might be a partnership of four. This is positive in a lot of ways because they might agree on most things and if they are struggling in money problems they may share money together to save money and survive.

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They could also form a partnership with their competitors to increase market share and earn and share large amounts of profit. Why Swift Supplies may change their aims and objectives As Swift Supplies is a small business its aims and objectives don’t change a lot because as it doesn’t have different departments like Asda but they need to be changed if they are not met properly. If they’re competitors are earning more then the objectives should be changed or if they have more customers than Swift Supplies. If Swift Supplies are not meeting customer demand then their objectives may change or if their service towards their customers is not excellent.

If they’re product quality falls below standard or if the products are not demanding than the aims and objectives need to be changed. If they’re staff are using dishonest methods and are stealing from the company then not only the aims and objectives have to be changed but also the staff. The most important of all is if their profits are decreasing and they are in financial distress than the company has to review all its objectives and win back customer loyalty and trust to earn them profit so they can survive and if they want to carry on running the business.

Functional Areas within Asda Asda is a vast organisation that has functional areas that execute certain functions frequently in relation to their specific purpose. These functional departments are essential to the business as they set out to complete specific day to day tasks with ease. A group of employees are stationed in the various different functional departments in relation to their roles and expertise that are applied in each department. These functional areas are the backbone of large companies as they set out to operate different functions in order to maintain the business operating more efficiently.

Asda is architected by a structure of functional areas as they combine together to produce a successful company. Human Resources All businesses whether large or small employ people to carry out essential work assigned to them by their superior’s or the company owners. So the Human Resources departments’ lone function is to employ staff and then look after their needs once they are in the company employment. Recruitment Asda like many other successful companies like to employ the most proficient employees in order to benefit from their abilities.

Asda’s recruiting employees locate a vacancy that needs to be occupied and than they identify the vacancy and decide to put up job descriptions that species which person is required, what skills they need to have and what responsibility they will be taking on. When this is decided they progress on to advertise that vacancy at an appropriate location, where they predict skilled candidates may discover these vacancies. When people respond to these job descriptions their CVs are examined by the human resources department and than human resources progresses on to call the selected candidates for interviews.

They than select their chosen candidate and than in an appropriate manner notify the unsuccessful candidates. Retention When Asda has excellent employees they prefer them at their service for as long as possible or they would have to employ and retrain new staff which would be costly. Human resources are responsible for analysing staff turnover-this is the rate at which staff departs the organisation. There might be a lot of factors that affect staff leaving Asda; human resources have to investigate their reasons for leaving. Asda attempts to have fair and competitive terms and conditions of employment which not only suit the employee but also Asda. These conditions ensure that employees are paid at a reasonable rate in relation to their job, given holiday privileges and sick pay. Asda ensures that these conditions are fair on employees and are similar to Asda’s competitors to avoid conflict.

Disciplinary Action When employees start becoming a liability at the workplace, human resources try to take immediate disciplinary action to stop and prevent it from happening again. The first action is to give a verbal warning to the employee but if the problem persists a written warning is also given which shows written proof that states if he/she continues their actions than it will lead them to their own dismissal. If this warning is ignored than the employee is given a straightforward dismissal by human resources.

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