Lord Of The Flies And Animal Farm Comparison Essay

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Good and evil subjects. in some signifier. be in practically every piece of literature of all time written. It is found in literature every bit old as the Bible to newer narratives such as The Hunger Games. It is no surprise to happen this same subject in Lord of the Fliess by William Golding and Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Golding and Orwell explore good and evil to demo what consequence morality. or the deficiency thereof. has on society. Both Golding and Orwell believe through their ain yesteryear experiences that evil corrupts people. To portray this. Orwell and Golding use similar thoughts with their characters and secret plan to demo how delicate the thought of civilisation is for us all.

Thesis Statement For Animal Farm

In Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm.

the subject of immorality is obvious throughout the development of the characters. In Lord of the Flies. the primary character. Jack. is genuinely evil. Jack is a barbarous male child and he performs many violent Acts of the Apostless during his quest for power. The best illustration of this is when Jack encourages his folk to take part in the slaughtering of the beatific Simon ( Golding. 140 ) . While the folk is holding a wild. diabolic ceremonial. Simon crawls out of the forests disorientated after enduring a ictus.

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Mistaking Simon for the animal. the deranged folk. including Ralph. viciously rips Simon apart with their bare custodies and dentitions. Simon falls off of the drop and onto the beach below. where his organic structure washes out to sea. In comparing. immorality is besides outstanding in the narrative Animal Farm.

The character Napoleon is the kernel of immorality in Animal Farm. He is the really manipulative and dictator-like leader of the farm. He performs many indefinable Acts of the Apostless against his fellow animate beings. such as taking the milk and apples for himself ( Orwell. 24 ) . After taking all of the milk and apples. Napoleon gets Squealer. a hog that he uses for propaganda intents. to explicate his “reason” for taking the milk and apples from them. Squealer provinces that Napoleon needs to take the milk and apples from the animate beings so that Napoleon has strong encephalon power. Squealer continues to explicate that Napoleon needs to hold good encephalon power because “the whole direction and administration of the farm depends on Napoleon” ( Orwell. 32 ) .

Squealer so elaborates even more and says to the animate beings that “it is for YOUR interest that we drink that milk and eat those apples…Jones would come back! ” ( Orwell. 32 ) . These grounds are non true. as Napoleon merely wants the milk and apples because he finds them tasty and non because he needs them to pull off the farm. Meanwhile. the other farm animate beings are left to travel hungry. In an effectual show of pure immorality. Orwell and Golding are able to utilize Napoleon and Jack as nefarious characters in an attempt to demo what happens to person with no ethical motives.

In contrast. subjects of goodness are harder to happen. yet apparent in the word picture of Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm. In Lord of the Flies. Simon is the prototype of morality. For illustration. he appears Christ-like as he helps the more vulnerable kids of the folk that the older male childs call the Littluns. Simon helps the Littluns by executing undertakings that they can non make. such as “picking pick fruit from subdivisions they can non reach” ( Golding. 50 ) . In comparing. Animal Farm besides has characters that reflect virtue. Specifically. Boxer is one character that shows his goodness through his actions. For illustration. in the Battle of the Cowshed. he sees his fellow animate beings being injured. so he stops the combat by kicking a stable-lad in the caput. As a consequence of Boxer’s actions. the worlds flee ( Orwell. 36 ) .

Although Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm are both predominately full of evil subjects. Golding and Orwell use subjects of goodness in the word picture to give the reader hope that good merely may predominate. Besides the subjects of immorality found in word picture. there are besides the subjects of immorality in the secret plan elements of Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm. Towards the terminal of Lord of the Flies. Simon is murdered by the remainder of the male childs ( Golding. 142 ) . Simon’s decease is specifically the point when the immorality in the narrative victory over good. Up until the point of Simon’s decease. Ralph and Simon are the lone characters who still have good left in them.

Since Ralph participates in Simon’s slaying. all of the good that exists in Ralph is gone and the last of civilisation dies with Simon. A similar immorality is present in Animal Farm when Napoleon anguishs and executes “traitors” of the farm. The animate beings that are accused of lese majesty are tortured until they admit to their offense. Once they confess. they are executed ( Orwell. 69 ) . Most of the clip. these animate beings are non even guilty. The animate beings live in a changeless fright ; they do non cognize when or if they will be accused of lese majesty and so executed. By utilizing subjects of immorality. both Golding and Orwell show that a deficiency of morality in society may finally ensue in the prostration of civilisation.

In the same manner. subjects of good appear in the secret plan elements of Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm. Specifically. there is a clip when Jack refuses to give Piggy any meat. Simon gives Piggy his portion because he believes that it is unjust that Jack did non give Piggy any meat. When Simon does non give Jack the satisfaction of eating his meat. Jack so gets highly angry with Simon and throws meat at Simon’s pess shouting “Eat. Damn you! ” ( Golding. 68 ) . Simon still refuses to eat the meat. By his actions. Simon shows that even though they were populating in barbarian times. they could still stay sort to each other.

Merely like Lord of the Flies. Animal Farm besides has subjects of goodness in its secret plan elements. In peculiar. Old Major creates a spirit of kindness and enthusiasm at the farm during his celebrated address. He uplifts the animate beings by singing them a vocal entitled “Beasts of England” . The vocal is about animate beings interrupting free from human control and life independently. Old Major continues to demo his concern for his fellow animate beings when he says in his address that “all animate beings are equal” ( Orwell. 11 ) . As a consequence of Orwell and Golding utilizing goodness in the secret plan elements of Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies. they are able to exemplify their point that one can take to be sort. no affair their milieus.

Through word picture and secret plan elements. Golding and Orwell use good and evil in Lord of the Fliess and Animal Farm to show their fearful feelings for society. They believe that if society loses their touch of pureness and goodness so society will fall in. In other words. Golding and Orwell’s message to the reader is that it is human nature to transgress and execute immorality. and if society is non careful. it will finally take to the death of civilisation.

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