Napoleon Animal Farm Essay

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an allegorical novel that reflects events such as the Bolshevik revolution. the economic reform by Trotsky the Russian dearth in 1921 and during the Stalin epoch before the Second World War. The pigs represent the communist leading. and the remainder of the animate beings on the farm typify the different parts of Russian society and how the communist coup d’etat of Russia affected them. Two chief characters. Snowball and Napoleon ( who symbolize Trotsky and Stalin ) .

engages in a political battle. as both of them wanted to hold the power to take all of the animate beings. Although Napoleon wins the battle in the terminal. Snowball’s political scheme is better than the corrupted leading of Napoleon.

Snowball cares more about the living status of the animate beings. Compared to Napoleon. Snowball knows the significance of “Animalism” . which is animate beings are equal and it should take the animate beings to a better life. Snowball is interested in reading all sorts of books to enrich his range of cognition to do the animate beings work easier.

For illustration. he declares the windmill thought from a book of the Jones. Besides Snowball is really courageous ; he has studied the book of Julian Caesar and successfully led through the Battle of the Cowshed while Napoleon was concealing himself in the barn.

Snowball has an intelligent and friendly character. Unlike Napoleon. Snowball ne’er forces person to hold with his thoughts. Alternatively. he is good at explicating how his ideas work and persuades all the animate beings to believe and swear his thoughts.

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Unlike Napoleon. Snowball does non necessitate Squealer’s aid. he can make the explicating portion all by himself. Bonaparte has his ain ways to command other animate beings such as the Canis familiariss and Squealer but Snowball has different manner which is the commissions.

Snowball seems to work better within the political system. Bonaparte goes around it. Napoleon. for case. he understands the function of force in political control and uses his attack Canis familiariss to throw out Snowball from the farm. Napoleon seems to hold a powerful. egoistic desire for control. while Snowball seems to believe of himself as a mastermind who should be the one to steer the farm toward success.

Snowball is the lone 1 who knows the existent significance of “Animalism” . and he is seting out true attempt to do the populating criterion of the animate beings better than earlier. and insists everyone is equal. After the expel of Mr. Jones. the Animal Farm is supposed to be democracy. all of the animate beings should make up one’s mind how to make things together. any one animate being to lift to greater power than any other would go against that ideal. and do Animal Farm indistinguishable from a human farm. On the other manus the lone thing that Napoleon thinks approximately is how to derive more power and personal benefit from the farm. Snowball ever comes up with some long-run programs and on the other manus Napoleon can merely come up with some short-run programs. In decision. Snowball’s political scheme is better so the corrupted leading of Napoleon.

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