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Don’t ask me nothing, young feels. I’ve no head. All do is march. And if you want to know why you should be marching you ask the buck inside. Me? Sure everybody was marching the day… Well, for the same reason as everybody else. My reasons no different to anybody else’s. Wan man wan vote -that’s what I want. You know -wan man wan vote. Sure I know that. Sure I know we got it. Gerrymandering- that’s another thing- no more gerrymandering- that’s what I want- no more gerrymandering.

And civil rights for everybody- that’s what I ant- you know- civil rights- civil rights- thefts why march. I’m a liar then? You’re calling me a liar, is that it? He’ll be telling me my name isn’t Lily Doherty next. Did you ever hear off Mongol child, Skinner? Told you a lie about our Declare. That’s what Declare is. Hess not just shy , our Declare.

He’s a Mongol. And it’s for him I go on all the civil rights marches. Isn’t that stupid? You and him and everybody else else marching and protesting about sensible things like politics and stuff and me in the middle of you all, marching for Declare.

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Isn’t that the stupidest thing you ever heard? Sure I could march and protest from here to Dublin and sure what good would it do Declare? Stupid and all as am know that much.

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But still march- every Sunday. Isn’t that the stupidest thing you ever heard? That’s what the chairman said when l- you know- when tried to tell him what was thinking. He never talks about him; you can’t even look at him. And that day thefts what he said, “You’re a bone stupid bitchy. No wonder the kid’s bone stupid too. ” The chairman- that’s what he said.

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