Dramatic Monologue

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When was younger, I had no worries in life. I didn’t have to worry about whether my mother was alive or not, where my father was or if the Nazi’s found out we were hiding a Jewish in our basement. I use to play with my brother, hoping that things would stay this way. But no, it didn’t. Now my life has been torn apart in many ways. Have lost the closest friend in my life; Max. Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? I feel guilty for not warning Max.

But still, whatever happened, happened and you ant change the past. This the only thing I have left of him. A book. Not just any book. A book that he gave to me on a birthday. A book that I will remember forever and always. Since he left, I am still trying to cope. I feel empty, like had lost a part of me.

Everything feels so wrong without him. I felt the same emptiness back when I lost my brother. He was the only brother had, the only person that could understand me. Just imagine losing your own brother, how would you feel?

To make matters worse, still have no idea here my mum is. Don’t even know whether she’s alive or not. I have tried for six months to send her letters but she wouldn’t reply to me. That’s when I found out something was wrong.

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I have a feeling that her disappearance had something to do with Doll Hitler. Feel like am stuck in a room of darkness and can’t escape no matter how hard I try. Rudy. Annoying, innocent boy that has died at only age fourteen. Remember shaking him, begging him to wake up, yet deep inside my heart I knew that he was gone forever. Ride to ignore hat feeling, but soon enough gave up. I moved on to the next bodies. Talked to Rosa, but I just couldn’t look at Hans. Screamed but nobody heard me. Kissed him and held him, and cried until my eyeballs were dry and I couldn’t cry any longer. I feel as though Death deliberately wants to make life harder for me. I remember the first time Hans taught me to read, which inspired me to read books. I started stealing books, thus I earned the title of ‘The Book Thief. Books are what has shaped my personality, my life.

They provide me with an escape from this horrible and cruel world. From that moment on, where everybody died, I knew had to restart my life from scratch. I am now living with alls Hermann. She took me in once she realized that had no-one. Now that I’m living with her, it makes me miss my mum even more. Every night, the same memory is stuck in my head, me standing in the middle of the dead bodies, inspecting each one, and I ask myself why? Why did they have to die? I hate Hitler and I always will.

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Dramatic Monologue
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