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Is a preliminary evaluation of any Idea to determine If It’s worth pursuing, giving you a high level overview to see If the Idea Is doable. There are several components of a full feasibility analysis that have to be considered to have a better success in implementing your idea but the following four are the most critical: * Product/service feasibility * Industry/Market feasibility * Organizational feaslblllty * Financial feasibility Description of the business The business that I would like to implement is a home security system that is capable f facial and voice recognition with full view capability that would alert the appropriate authorities In case of any emergency.

The system will also have the capablllty to continue to operate even If the source of power Is terminated or wires unplugged.

In recent years with the downturn of our economy we have seen an increase of home invasions during all hours of the day, especially in the morning when they believe no one is at home. The standard security systems that are currently being offered are not enough to provide the security required to cover all bases and the more security that is needed, the higher the prices of the equipment nd additional charges for the extra support.

The name of my business will be “Safely Home”, which the name alone will Indicate that you can safely stay at home, and the service being provided is backed by ADT, which is one of the best monitoring companies around.

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They have been providing monitoring services since the 1890’s. Description of the Entrepreneur Marcos Miranda will be the owner of the company. He currently works for a Paper Company doing business analysis for the Procurement organization where he spends almost ten hours during the day at work and two hours commuting back and forth.

Technical Feasibility Sample Thesis

He also has technical background and has installed several wireless cameras all throughout his house and outside his perimeter. The idea of starting a home security system that offers a better solution at a competitive price came while shopping around for a home security system that would provide full security while constant monitoring the house and its perimeter while he was at work. He shopped around for one business solution that offered everything In one package but he was not able to do it, he then decided to study the monitoring industry and come out with his own solution.

Through trials and errors he successfully implemented security and monitoring devices at his home while shopping around for the best components at a reasonable price. He was also able to contact ADT and negotiated a contract where they would provide the monitoring service at half price since all of the equipment and Installation was done by him, A few of his friends saw what he had managed to He contacted ADT and was able to have them agreed that anyone that installed his system will be able to get a contract for half off of their entirety.

With that proposal he saw an opportunity to start his own business backed by a corporate giant like ADT. The Product/Service Unique features: Benefits “Safely Home” will provide the best protection around by giving the home owners a full range of capabilities that are not standard with other monitoring systems, providing a piece of mind for the whole family. Our system will have the capability to offer full wireless capability, complete sensing and motion detection and full 360 view capabilities in color with facial and voice recognition, and the potential of up to eight hours of recording capability.

You can be sure that every aspect of your home will be monitored and safely guarded against any harm or emergencies situation where it an go undetected, like fires or carbon monoxide. Full wireless capability With most standard security systems a telephone line is required for the system to be able to place calls when are needed. If a telephone line is not in place, the home owner is giving the option to acquire a line from their local telephone service provider or upgrade to the most expensive wireless solution that they offer.

In our systems the wireless capability comes built-in, giving the home owners a true full sense of security since there is no need of wires that can be easily cut off. The ireless capability also allows other smart devices to be controlled by the security system, smart devices like outside lighting system, irrigation or inside temperature control right from their cell phone. The home owner will also have the capability to remotely arm or disarm their system from basically anywhere in the world through an app or via the internet.

The system can also monitor fires and carbon monoxide by using existing fire alarms and carbon monoxide units utilizing the frequency that is emitted by these devices and alerting the proper emergency response team. The ireless unit has also a built-in power supply that can maintain up to eight hours of running time in case of power outages which will continue to protect without having to reset the unit.

Complete sensing and motion detection Standard units come with two motion sensor units that are normally located in opposite sides of the house to provide a wider coverage but are limited to structural issues, and the bigger the house the more motion sensors are required. There are also four contact units that goes on doors and windows, which only covers half or maybe a third of the house and if more contacts are needed they will have to be urchased separately.

Our system comes with standard four motion sensors units that provide full 360 degree coverage for any household area; the motion sensors units are wireless and have the capability, if upgraded to a different model, to provide emergency lights if the power goes out. The contact units are provided in are wireless and no wiring is required and setup is easy since no especial installation is required, Just peel the adhesive backing and place where is appropriate.

In case of a break-in, the system will silently alert the authorities while a loud siren will go off to care off the intruders while also alerting the homeowners via email, text and a call from ADT. The motion sensing units can be adjusted to accommodate pets and normal household traffic if the system is armed. Full 360 view capabilities with facial and voice recognition Our home security units are also packaged with four wireless night vision cameras that can be placed inside or outside the house to provide another level of security.

The video feed transmitted is clear and can be received in any internet capable device even cell phones. The camera system are wireless but do required to be wired for the power supply. An xternal power supply can be purchased and easily installed for areas where hard wire is not an option or for stealth. The night vision is one of the best one out there, the cameras also have facial and voice recognition with in thirty feet of their location.

This special feature allows the home owner to set up the camera system to automatically arm or disarm the system by Just saying a word in combination with the face recognition. The setup for the face recognition is easy and the software is user friendly Up to eight hours of recording With the camera system there is also an additional component that has the capability f recording what the camera system is capturing.

The setup is very easy and can be synchronized with the motion sensors to start/stop recording when movement is in the area. The recordings can be easily retrieved and played back in any computer. This is also a great surveillance feature that can be of tremendously help in case of any break-ins. The recording system can also be placed in a discreet location where only the home owner would know of the location, eliminating the possibility of burglars taken all of the evidence or erasing the contents.

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