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Have you ever looked at someone and made a judgment before getting to know them? Have you ever been judged yourself? Mark Twain shows the theme; don’t judge a book by its cover, throughout the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huckleberry Finn is Tom’s best friend and Tom is Huck’s only friend. He is rejected by society because his family background. Muff Potter is judged as a drunk and violent man, but in reality he is a kind man who could use some help.

Tom Sawyer is judged as a troublemaker.

He lives with his Aunt Polly. He is a troublemaker at times but at heart he is kind. Huckleberry Finn is a child who is poor and has no where to go. He is shunned by the town because of his family background. He just goes with the flow. He decided that since the town shunned him he would do whatever he wants to do. Huck doesn’t have many friends.

Tom is his only friend. At the end Huck is accepted by the village as a hero. Muff Potter is a business partner of Injun Joe. He was working with Injun Joe at the murder scene. He witnessed the murder of Dr. Robinson.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Theme

In a way he had a big part in it. Muff Potter has a well known record as a drunk and sometimes violent man. Because of this he is blamed for murdering Dr. Robinson. Muff Potter needs a therapist.

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Tom Sawyer is known as a rebel and mischievous boy. He is always doing what people tell him not to do. He has a wild imagination which gets him into trouble. He is like a sly fox. He always tricks people and does it with ease. He tricks Ben into whitewashing a fence in trade for bens apple. Then he tricks more kids into whitewashing it. His little brother, Sid, loves to rat out Tom.

Tom went swimming when he was told not to and Sid spots a discolored thread on his collar then tells Aunt Polly. In the end Tom is seen as a hero as well as Huck. They both played a big role in catching a murderer. Tom, Huck and Muff Potter are all judged as something they are not. Well for the most part they aren’t. They are judged from a few occasions. This is not what Jesus would do. God doesn’t want us to judge someone on how they look or what their family background is. You can’t judge someone until you truly know them. Think about how you feel when you’re judged. Not good, huh. Think about that feeling before you judge someone.

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