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In ‘’ Goodnight mister Tom ‘’ a fictional novel by Michelle Magorian, there are many events, circumstances and influential people that prompt change in the main character. These changes can be seen through the development of William Beech, the protagonist in the novel. Willie changes from a shy, timid, fearful boy to a confident sociable and mature young man. Willies growth is prompted by certain situations such as the World War II emerging in Great Britain, Willie living with mister Tom and how mister Tom influences him.

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At the start of ‘’ Goodnight mister Tom ‘’, we are introduced to Willie,. Willie is a very shy, cautious young boy who grew up with his abusive mother in London. He was scared of many things and was told by his mother over and over again that he was full of sin. Willie started out being thin and sickly looking; pale with limp sandy hair and dull grey eyes. Later on the novel, he became stronger and more healthy he had colour in his skin and warmth in his eyes.

Willie behaved very well for mister Tom and behaved as though he was still under control of his harsh mother.

He soon became more relaxed around mister Tom in the household and behaved more like a young boy. ‘’ ‘ I must be good,’ he whispered urgently, ‘ I must be good, ‘ and he rubbed a sore spot on his arm. ’’ This quote uses the technique of repletion. Through such a technique we can relate to the characters up bringing, and how his firm mother would have drilled into him to be good.

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‘’He rubbed a sore spot on his arm’’ is relating to his poor, insufficient appearance due to his mothers beatings. This was all to change when willie was sent to live with mister

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