The Thrill Of The Grass Summary

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The way people react and feel to an event can depend on the environment or wherever this event occurs. This event can be anything from a life changing to a simple event such as grass. The Thrill of the Grass shows how passionate people can be for the simple pleasures in life and what they will do to protect it, where an event takes place can also effect how one would react to the simple pleasures in life.

The narrator in this story is so passionate about the new artificial turf and how it is not the right way to play the game of baseball.

He (the narrator) actually gets into the abandoned stadium with relative ease because of the baseball strike that was going on in the summer of 1981 and the fact that he has been a locksmith for over forty years. He sees the artificially grass as a malevolent entity that would scorch players that slide on it in the orange glowing sun of the evening.

He knows that the right thing to do would have to be replacing the artificial turf with natural grass. Always in the night does the narrator work to get rid of all the artificial grass and replace it with natural grass. He always tries to work at night or at any other time of the day when not many people are up. When he is in the baseball field at these secretive times he only wants those who also believe in his cause of having real, fresh grass for playing baseball.

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Thrill Of The Grass

His cohorts and himself would enjoy working at night lying down row-by-row of sod and slowly returning the field back into what it once was. The simple pleasures in life in the right environment can drive one to the extreme and even make one stand up and try to defend what they think is right even it is as simple as grass. The place where an event happens can also change how one would normally react to that event. T

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The Thrill Of The Grass Summary
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