Consequences of Substance Abuse

It is known that the substance abuse is a very serious problem not only in the USA, but also in the whole world. Substance abuse suggests that people are addicted to using excessive tobacco, drugs and alcohol. The reasons vary greatly, though drugs are paid for significant costs.

Substance abuse is directly connected with crimes and jails; furthermore, it leads to physical trauma. According to recent statistics, consumption of cocaine is declining, though so-called club drugs and heroine is increasing. Nowadays it is rather difficult for Health Department to find effective prevention and treatment programs, though it tries to do the best to implement prevention programs for children and adolescents nationally.

(Daly 2005)

According to statistics of 1998, the number of substance abusers were estimates at more than 35% – 10% drug abusers and 25% of tobacco abusers. Further, “it is estimated that 10% of all deaths in the country are the result, directly or indirectly, of alcohol”.(Daly 2005) Substance abuse causes intoxication leading in such a way to worsen perception, physical health and attention.

Moreover, withdrawal is inevitable side effect of substance abuse, and drug overdose is a certain way to death. Substance abuse is also characterized by tolerance when a person wants to use larger amount to achieve the same level of intoxication.Heal Department is very concerned with this problem stating that new policies should be implemented to prevent and to treat substance abusers. For example, according new policy ensures involvement of broad-based community, provides population-based approaches, and incorporates program evaluation and monitoring. Further, programs are also oriented at school-aged children.

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They aimed at enhancing openness and communication between students and their parents because it would help them to develop not only resistance skills, but also parents would be able to tell true facts about smoking, alcohol and drug use and inevitable consequences. (Hanson 2003)


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Consequences of Substance Abuse
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