Divorce, Substance Abuse and Suicide

Men suffer in silence. That’s not very easy to hear, right? My heart takes a hit when I hear of anyone suffering and according to statistics, the numbers are staggering – especially for men.In fact, over 6 million men struggle with clinical depression, and for the most part, they’re not talking about it.  They get up in the morning, paint their “everything is alright” smile on, and go about their day.But what you don’t see is the extreme sadness, fear, guilt, anger, shame, addictions, etc.

hiding in cracks and crevices under the surface. They’re not likely to voice their pain and reach out for professional – not like women, anyway. Women are much more likely to talk about their issues and see a therapist. Mental Health Issues And MenGranted, life is a roller coaster ride.

There’s times when things are rolling along alright, and there are times when the road gets quite bumpy. Male or female, life can surely throw things your way.

There’s divorce, loss of loved ones, unemployment, the relentless push to “one up” other men, unresolved trauma from childhood, addiction issues, and more.And, the reality is that many men hold it all inside. For one reason or another, they won’t ask for help. Divorce, Substance Abuse, & SuicideThe men that do reach out to me for help have some common themes. It’s important that they know their struggles are not unique to them. Here are several common areas that men have issues around: Divorce – The divorce rate in America is around 50 percent.

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Of course, divorce can make a large impact on both men and women, but women are more likely to reach out for professional help via counseling or support groups.

Divorce can take quite a toll on men, as many are left without custody of the children, and oftentimes feel isolated from their family and the community at large. •Substance Abuse – Men are 33 percent more likely to abuse substances like alcohol or drugs over women. Why so many? They’re not as willing to deal with emotional issues or factors like unemployment in a therapeutic environment. Instead, the reach for something to self-medicate. •Suicide – According to the Center for Disease Control,the percentage of men that commit suicide is around 76%. Why is that men feel so trapped in darkness that they feel the only way out is to end their lives? Suicide rates in male veterans, gay men, and young Native Americans are also higher, as some tend to feel rejected, isolated, and/or ignored. Men & Mental Health HelpThe numbers report that men aren’t as willing to reach out for professional help when they’re struggling with things like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and more.

The numbers are even lower for Black, Asian, Native American, and Latino men. They suffer in silence, but why?See, there’s the notion that men need to be strong, and being strong means they always have to be alright. They certainly shouldn’t be emotional, because that may mean they are weak, failures, pansies, etc. And, many men don’t want to talk about their problems. They grew up hearing “stiffen that upper lip” and “boys don’t cry!” Benefits Of Seeking Therapy For MenThe area of mental health for men is more than just a health issue. It’s also a social issue, since factors like divorce and unemployment play a role. Men need to have access to professional counseling tailored for men, responding to their unique needs. And, men must be willing to reach out for help. There are many wonderful benefits that men can gain by opening upfor help. So many men feel like if they reach out for help from a therapist, they’re weak or a failure. This is a stigma that must be changed. Everyone needs help sometimes and to be vulnerable in asking for help, it’s actually a strength. It’s wisdom. And the truth is that men don’t want to suffer in silence.

They want to feel free to be themselves – emotional issues and all. They want to connect with those who can offer them a safe space to take their masks off, get what they need off their chest, and feel loved unconditionally.Real Men DO Ask For HelpThere’s no need to suffer in silence anymore. If you’re a man struggling with depression, anxiety, unresolved childhood trauma, fear, rage, substance abuse, etc. give yourself permission to step into your authentic power by reaching out for help. You can learn valuable skills like: Communication skills  Conflict resolution skills Coping skills Self-confidenceYou can also receive help to overcome things like addiction, unresolved emotional trauma, grief from divorce, job loss, setbacks, and more. It’s alright to admit that you’re struggling and ask for help, because you weren’t meant to navigate the tough stuff alone.

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