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The following sample essay on “Sex Question in Religions” looks at attitudes towards sex in different religions. We will find out how sex is treated in Christianity? What about Islam, Hinduism?

Sex is a complicated issue when all religions in the world are considered. As all religions have varying opinions in regards to this, it is very hard to define. Sex is easier to classify as an open and a closed book, not really dependent on it being from the East or the West.

In Hinduism, sex is very sacred. Girls and boys live in practically different worlds as friendship and interactions between sexes are frowned upon. In the old days, premarital sex was not an issue to them as girls were married off even before they reach puberty.

Prostitution in India is very minimal compared to other countries as only very poor girls who are in dire need enter that kind of business. Though premarital sex is highly objected to, they are more sensitive to it than other religions.

Highly conservative though are the teachings of Hinduism, they believe that sex is their sacred duty. Kama Sutra, which is the religious sexual ritual in Hinduism that people, all over the world, enjoy these days, regardless of the sacred purposes of it.

The Hindus believe though that the tantra or the ultimate happiness and higher consciousness will be achieved through sexual intercourse. (Kohn.)Buddhism on the other hand repulses sex. They believe that one must be ridden of all worldly desires and sexual desire is one of them.

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  They believe that looking at something beautiful is wrong for it expresses a worldly self and wants that they believe they must not have. They believe that one must be totally selfless and unaffected by superficial things. Since they believe that feeling desire is evil, for men, the sexual act becomes a mere proof of their manhood which on its own expresses ego and for women, their duty. (Umekawa)

Jainism on the other hand believes that sex is for mere reproduction only. Sex for them goes for as far as that purpose. Some believed at one point that they would achieve nirvana through sexual intercourses, but because the five human senses had been disregarded for that to be considered, sex is considered to be somehow wrong. (Marett)

Daoism on the other hand do not preach for it merely gives advices. It does not view God as someone who has worldliness like we do. It talks about alchemy and the exchange for every single thing in life, as the normal workings of the world. It does not object to worldly desires like food, sex and other material and superficial desires.  It only objects to it if it becomes an obsessive desire that over rules logic. But they also believe that sex is a way of getting eternal life.(Myers)

Christianity objects to premarital sex though not if within the sacredness of marriage. They believe that it is the human duty to reproduce and multiply, because of this they are, by the teachings of the Bible required to have sex every single day except for days when a couple within the sacrament of marriage have agreed to abstain and worship God for the day. And this, they actually do because of God’s will. (“Christianity and Sex”)

In Judaism, they look at sex as a regular and natural body inclination like a person’s need to eat and drink to replenish the body. They believe that the abuse of the body by having improper sex is the same effect as by eating too much. (Lisa Katz)In Islam, unlike most religions, they believe that reproduction is not the sole reason for marriage and sex. They also believe that one of the many reasons for sex is the human comfort and the fun you derive from it, which is probably the most liberated religion of all.  They also believe that sex is not exclusive, resulting to a polygamous society. (Mills)

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Daoism are all from the East. Hinduism believes that sex is a sacred ritual of achieving higher consciousness and finally, ultimate happiness in the way of Kama Sutra. Christianity is a Western religion, but it also believes that sex is a duty, though not for ultimate happiness but reproduction according to God’s will.Sex is an act that must be respected, regardless of religion. People do not really abide by the religious teachings but it gives them boundaries that restrain them. Though in most religions, men are the one supposed to enjoy it and the women to endure, it is not so. As both genders are given the physical urges.Religion in more ways than one, and not just by the differing teachings, is highly relative.

The way the followers interpret the will of who they believe in is one of the many factors, and probably the major one, that affects it. Sex is, scientifically speaking, a mere bodily response. It is a part of human nature that has biological explanations and basis. It is something that the heavens above has given and created man with, regardless of what they meant it to be. Islam, in the sense of sex today is probably the most realistic belief. For today, sex is becoming common and a universal language and expression of love and mostly, fun.Sex is not evil, for it is a gift. But today, it is abused causing rampant sexually transmitted disease problems.

If people abide by the teachings of their religion, save for the polygamous beliefs of Islam, it will not be so. Sex is an art as well, though conservative restraints will hardly consider it so. But the truth is, everything aside, sex is the best expression of love that binds you to the one you love. It is an act that combines you as one, and a world only you and your loved one could go. Sex without love is just an empty, meaningless job.Sex may be meant reproduction purposes, and religious acts, but still, it is for the people doing the act and the act in itself.

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