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Sex Education Paper

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Something thats being overlooked is this situation: Whether students are taught sex education in elementary school or not, those students will most likely learn about sex through some other means anyways. However, sex education should not be taught in elementary school. First of all, if schools were to teach sex education at the elementary level, it would only make children more curious about sex and we all know what curiosity did to the cat right? Furthermore, what would be accomplished by teaching students sex education in elementary school?

Lastly, there are other subjects that we could be putting more emphasis on instead of sex at the elementary level. So no, elementary students should not have sex education classes. When dealing with the topic of sex, it is a great idea to know who you’re dealing with when trying to explain it. As good as teachers know their students, the parents of the students are better off trying to explain sex to the students. Especially at the elementary level. It would take someone who the students saw as an authority figure to teach them about sex and sorry to say, all students do not feel as if their teachers have authority over them.

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To make matters worse, since students would not feel like the teachers could tell them what they could and could not do, they might actually decide to try it. It is the same as telling children not to play with fire. Ever notice how many children still end up with burns? Curiosity did indeed kill the cat. Something else to consider when thinking about whether students should be taught sex education in elementary school: What are the benefits and do they outweigh the potential problems that could come with it?

Yes, students being aware of sex and all of its problems would help them. But it could potentially hurt them as well. If schools are going to teach sex education, they should focus on abstinence and not just the intercourse part. Polluting the minds of children at that young of an age, you also want someone who is TRAINED to teach children about sex. That way they do not include their own morals or beliefs into teaching it. The final con to teaching to sex education in elementary school is this: Reading, writing and math need to improve.

So instead of putting more time (and money) into a different subject, we SHOULD be putting more effort into those core subjects to see improvement. When looking for a job, sex education is inferior to arithmetic and english skills. Thats why those subjects should be our main concern. Putting sex education above these only deprives us from learning skills that will actually help us to become successful in life and not just when dealing with sex.

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