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The debate over the compulsory use of school uniform is not a new issue. This debate is taking place since years and parents and administrators of schools provide arguments for or against the compulsory use of school uniform. A large number of parents and administrators consider the use of school uniform something forcibly imposed as a mandatory rule. Where as, other parents and administrators consider that the mandatory rule to wear school uniform will result in broad spectrum benefits (Veigle, p.

3). This issue remains still unresolved. The present essay provides the arguments in support of school uniform as well as arguments against the mandatory wearing of school uniforms. The paper ends with the concluding remarks of the author in which the author presents his voice on the mandatory wearing of school uniform.School Uniforms Should Be AllowedThis section of the essay provides arguments that strongly support the mandatory use of school uniform.School Uniforms Improve Academic Performance: It is widely accepted among a large number of educators and parents that academic performance is enhanced when students wear uniform.

They justify their statements by saying that if the students are allowed to come in dresses of their choices then their concentration is diverted from their academics to their wardrobes. So it is widely approved by several sociology experts that students will be able to concentrate more towards their academics when they will be wearing school uniforms as they would not have to pay attention towards the selection of a dress daily to wear in the school.

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Experts also insist that school attendance is increased when students wear uniforms (Sher, p.21).School Uniforms Improve Behavior: It is widely believed by experts and educators that the behavior of students wearing school uniform improves. A firm environment is dictated when students wear school uniforms. Students seem inclined more towards the school discipline and thus a reduction in the violent behavior occur (Holloman, p. 33-38).School Uniforms Improve Social Outcomes: It is believed that social outcomes of students wearing school uniforms improve a lot. This is because most of the time, conflicts among students arise due to the standard of the dress selection. Some students feel proud due to their clothing and thus they make fun of other students wearing less expensive clothes. School uniforms improve the social environment (Holloman, p. 33-38).School Uniforms Are Less Expensive: School uniforms reduce the cost of buying expensive clothes and thus become more economical for parents. School uniforms are far less expensive than trendy dresses (DeMitchell et al. p. 31-49).School Uniforms Should Not Be AllowedSchool Uniforms Inhibit Self-Expression: The self-expression of students is badly affected by the mandatory use of school uniforms. Developmental stages of a child are highly influenced by the self-expressive power of a child and when a child is not allowed to wear clothes of his/her choice, its development is affected as they do not find any way to express them (Hethorn, p. 44-48).School Uniforms Strip Individuality: When students are forced to wear school uniforms, they lose their individuality. Thus, it can be said that the school uniforms do not promote cultural diversity. Human nature requires socialization that is tried to be controlled by imposing the mandatory use of school uniforms (Gilbert, p. 3-18).School Uniforms Are Not Comfortable For All: It is argued that school uniforms do not make all the students feel comfortable in the texture and style of the uniforms. Different people prefer to wear different types of textures and styles of clothes. Students become limited to wear according to their comfort due to the mandatory wearing of school uniforms. If students would not feel comfortable in their school uniforms then they would not be able to concentrate on their academics and thus their learning abilities will be reduced (Essex, p. 38).School Uniforms Aggravate Violent Behaviors: Some students possess rebellion nature by birth. They simply cannot obey rules. When they are forced to wear school uniforms their behavior become more violent. They find out ways to show their opposition to the mandatory wearing of school uniforms such as they alter the uniforms in a way that is totally different from the standardized style of the school uniform (Joanne, p. 1).ConclusionIt can be concluded after viewing arguments both favoring and against the mandatory wearing of school uniform that school administrators should not mandate the wearing of school uniform. Though arguments in favor of mandatory wearing of school uniform apparently seem very convincing but in practice, these arguments can not be applied. Though theory can provide strength to the arguments that wearing school uniform makes improvement in the behavior and academic performance of students but in real life these supporting arguments do not provide any help. And, if mandatory wearing of school uniform does not do anything good to students then its use should be avoided. Students should be given full freedom to wear what they want to wear. By wearing dresses of their choice, they will be able to express themselves as well as their individuality would not be affected. They will be able to wear dresses in which they feel more comfortable and thus they would be able to concentrate more towards learning.  

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