Loyalist Vs. Patriots Debate Arguments

Town Meeting Reflection Essay

The town meeting that was held a week ago was confusing but exciting at the same time. Loyalists and Patriots were arguing their opinions of colonial independence. The loyalists wanted to prevent the colonial independence movement but the patriots wanted that independence. So because of the movement, patriots and loyalists began arguing and debating. Some didn’t get to say what they were going to say and some had their chance.

Patriots Vs Loyalists Essay

I think the patriots had better arguments, because hey were more concise about the debates, such as the “taxation without representation and the Stamp Act.

” The loyalists also had good arguments such as “taxes were paid in order to protect colonies. ” During the town meeting, the patriots had some good points for colonial independence. One of the major argument that was mentioned was “taxation without representation. Taxation without representation meant that colonists refused to pay taxes to England until they were represented in British Parliament.

They were paying high taxes to support a government The Stamp Act was a British act that taxed every British good by making the colonists buy a stamp for every British good purchased.

But was later canceled. So when the patriots heard about this they tarred and feathered the British tax collectors. These arguments brought up during the town meeting were convincing because backed up their debates. The loyalists of the town meeting brought up major points like the taxing colonists or everything but were being used to protect them as well.

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One person said “we tax you so we can protect you and your family. ” The debate started from then on. Patriots got furious, and said ” we don’t need you to protect us, we can protect ourselves. ” the loyalists responded with ” if we didn’t put a soldier with guns in your houses to protect you, then you might have been dead by now. ” So the debate went on and on. But ended up with the patriots winning the debate.

I don’t think the loyalists had a invoicing argument because they kept repeating the same thing over and over, which was “we tax you to protect you. ” Overall the town meeting was great. People had their say about what they don’t like about the colonial independence. The loyalists who stayed loyal to the king and Britain didn’t have persuading thoughts so I have to say I’m going to go with the patriot’s side. The patriots had lots of good arguments and they were more convincing. Patriots vs.. Loyalists Town Meeting Reflection Essay By lustiness

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Loyalist Vs. Patriots Debate Arguments
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