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In a treacherous kingdom, there lived an orphan boy whom was destined to become the Prince of Persia. Growing up in the slums, the boy, Dastan, fought to sleep and stole to eat. One day, the young scavenger went to the market to snatch a daily meal when the kingdom soldiers caught him in his act.

The boy fled the scene. Regardless of his agile maneuvers and stealthy tactics, the henchmen seized him. The king called out to the boy “Where are thy parents, boy? ” He lowered his face and shed a tear. From that point on, the king raised Dastan among his two other sons as his own.

This story will present how Dastan creates new relationships and terminates old ones. Dastan grew up in a family that consisted of three siblings. The three brothers always fought and competed to impress father, King Sharaman.

Though they loved each other dearly, the thought of being the heir of the next throne lurked inside their minds creating a sense of caution towards them. Tus, the oldest of the brothers, was slow to anger and very analytical. As for Garsiv, the youngest of the brothers, portrayed a quick to battle, but quite naive at times. Dastin, on the other hand, showed characteristics of emotional intelligence.

Tamina Prince Of Persia

He contained a certain ability in which he could relate and befriend all he meets.

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The kings, queens, guards, squires, maids, bumpkins, peasants, and everyone who passed his way learned to enjoy his company and friendship. Dastan and Garsiv got along well when they were young lads, but as time took its toll they began to differentiate. The two no longer shared similarities in battle and home issues. Garsiv often used aggressive talk to attack Dastin’s self-concept with the intent of inflicting psychological pain which also resulted in Garsiv committing passive aggression.

Garsiv continually reiterates the story in which the king adopts a street rat as a son which consequently ends up with Dastin defending himself with defensive communication. Dastin jokes and bashes about Garsiv’s knowledge and incompetence. Dastin fought against Garsiv’s wishes and lead multiple invasions without any consent. Stage 1: Differentiating of Coming Apart commences. The king had a brother named Nizam who was also his royal advisor. Nizam was one of Dastan’s most treasured family members.

They would plot battle strategies together and give one another courage to face unbearable task. Nizam and the three brothers planned an attack on the sacred city of Alamut. They would plot battle strategies together and give one another courage to face horrid task. The divine city was accused of distributing weapons to enemies of Persia. Dastan, the adopted son, overthrew the kingdom and captured Princess Tamina of Alamut to marry his brother Tus to sustain peace amongst the two. King Sharaman suggested that Tamina be wed to Dastan instead of Tus for his outstanding accomplishment.

With that joyous news, Dastan presented a fancy cloak to his father that his brother had given him. As soon as the king wore the cloak, it began to burn him until his death. Dastan was framed for his father’s death and fled Persia with the captive princess. There Dastan initiated a relationship with Tamina by saving her from the outraged community completing Stage 1 of Coming Together. In his escape, Dastan fell upon an interesting power from a dagger he retrieved from a fallen soldier in Alamut. The dagger has the power to move the user back in time with the fuel of Sands of Time.

Dastan believed that Tus evaded Alamut for the purpose to gain the dagger for power. Dastan returned to Persia by attending his father’s funeral and attempted to convince his uncle Nizam that he was setup by Tus. Finding his uncle, he revealed his knowledge. The uncle asked for the dagger. Dastan checked his body for the dagger, and realized that Tamina had stolen it. Dastan noticed his uncles hands were burned, and then Garsiv appeared. Dastan begged his uncle and Garsiv to believe him, but it is useless. The entire kingdom’s army was out for the head of Dastan.

Stage 2: Circumscribing was in play. Dastan’s relationship with his uncle and Garsiv began to fall apart, less and less information was being exchanged and a leery feeling of deception arose. Points of conflict could not be avoided which concluded into a full-scale attack. Stage 3: Stagnating is revealed. Though, Dastan’s brothers wanted to have faith in him, there is no form of evidence of Dastan’s innocence, leading the relationship to cease, and sadly, they have become but mere strangers. Wandering the desert, he stumbled upon Tamina sleeping in a sand dune.

He woke her and took back the mystical dagger. They agreed to cooperate and assist each other on their venture. Dastan made a conscious effort to seek out common interest and experiences, reacting in Stage 2: Experimenting. Tamina engages in self-disclosure and unveils that she is the Guardian of the Dagger. She must return the dagger to the gods to regain balance in the land. Along their quest to save Persia, they manage to add allies to help them. As Tamina carefully places the dagger back in the temple, Dastan and the princess lock eyes and they lean in for kiss.

The two are in Stage 3: Intensifying when closeness is both wanted and needed. They also start to open up to each to other, telling each other private things. They begin to share their frustrations and imperfections. Dastan explained to Tamina that he grew up as a poor boy and was lucky to find a kind and noble father, and Tamina on occasions called Dastan ‘Das’ as a nickname, in turn developed a shorthand way of speaking with one another. Suddenly, a metal whip like object pulls Dastan away. They were being traced and now ambushed by Hannassins, hired killers for Persian royalty.

Dastan concludes that Nizam had deployed these demon assassins to kill him and to obtain the dagger. It is apparent that Stage 4: Avoiding and Stage 5: Terminating are at work. The two parties avoid face-to-face interaction; there is no interest in spending time together, or establishing communication channels. Differences are dramatically emphasized ,and the relationship is at its final moments. Dastan faced Garsiv there and proposed to him that he was innocent for his father’s murder. The moment his brother realized his uncle’s plan, he is fatally wounded by incoming shards of metal.

The Hannassins successfully retrieved the dagger and retreated back to Nizam. Dastan and his companions crept their way inside Alamut to inform Tus and take possession of the dagger. Right here, Dastan and Tamina are at Stage 4: Integrating. Dastan desired to do most things with her and they reflect most common experiences. They also talk and behave similar as if they are one person. Tamina and Dastan are both willing to risk their lives for the sake of Persia and its inhabitants. As they approach Alamut, Seso, one of the allies, volunteered to retrieve the dagger from the Hannassin guard.

Seso was able to win back the dagger, but in doing so, his life is lost. Dastan encountered his brother Tus, told him about Nisam’s evil endeavors, and unraveled the dagger and its secret. Dastan impales himself in the heart, hoping that Tus will use the dagger to travel back in time to believe his dying words. Nizam entered the room seeing that Dastan is lying dead in the ground. Nizam demanded the dagger from Tus, but Tus refused and activated the dagger. Through empathy, Tus is able to recognize and share the exact feelings by listening to Dastan’s dying words.

Tus went back in time right before Dastan stabbed himself, and they hug momentarily before Nizam appeared and sliced Tus in the throat. This is the first time Dastan and Tus truly shared a “bonding” moment. Nizam regained the dagger and goes to the bottom of Alamut where he can retrieve unlimited sand to power the dagger to bring him back to a time in which he could become ruler of Persia. Nizam’s relationship with his family utilizes a cost and reward system. For the cost of his brother’s death (King Sharaman) and the nonexistence of his nephews, he will be rewarded with the Crown of Persia. Dastan and Tamina chase after Nizam.

The princess lead Dastan to a secret entrance to the Sands of Time, but on their way they encounter many foes. Dastan desperately fought to fend them off. He is nearly defeated, until Tamina boldy emerged for the rescue. Dastan and Tamina finally completed all five stages of Coming Together with Stage 5: Bonding perfectly executed. At the bottom of Alamut, holds a pillar that is made of the Sands of Time. If the dagger were to be stabbed into the pillar, time would rewind until the dagger is removed. Dastan and Tamina strived to stop Nizam from striking a blow to the pillar, but it’s too late.

Nizam knocked Tamina into a bottomless pit, and Nizam fused the sacred blade with the sand. Dastan gallantly rushed to the pillar and took hold of the dagger as it bent back time. Luckily, Dastan managed to remove the dagger. After a brief moment, Dastan opened his eyes and was at the gates of Alamut. The attack had been followed through with yet, and was pending until Dastan’s orders were made. Dastan immediately exposed his Uncle Nizam’s betrayal and was able to convince Tus and his army. Nizam is outraged and slipped out a dagger at Dastan’s back.

Quickly, Tus whipped out his broad sword into Nizam’s stomach. The future was altered. Now, the relationship of each brother evolved to Stage 5: Bonding of Coming Together, while the dead uncle obviously sat beyond Stage 5: Terminating of Coming Apart. Dastan brought the dagger to Princess Tamina, and all the land was saved by the Prince of Persia. Prince of Persia displays the stages and steps of Coming Together and Coming Apart. Also, the movie points out that a relationship can be gained and reunited through interpersonal concepts and if possible, time travel.

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