Life after Quitting Smoking

Can you imagine how life been without smoking? Beautiful have not it? But you can not appreciate it, until you had been an Ex-smoker. Unfortunately I was smoke Addicted six years and I can not imagine my life is now without smoking. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast my life when I was smoking and after I quit it. When I was been smoking I faced three main problems: First: health problems and it was the worst!

I was always sick tired and lazy, so that led me to lose my focus in studying because of the pressure that cigarette made to me and I tend to forget many things when I was a smoker.

In addition I faced another problem, it was a social problem a lot of people that they were adoring me; their treatment was changed with me like my parents, cousins and friends who do not smoke. They were always angry of my acting, so that made me so worried and aggressive.

Furthermore, money problem; I used to be broke because I spent a lot of money on cigarette. How my life changed after smoking, I can’t imagine that I got my freedom back and I am not any longer captive to nicotine, my health now is better than before one hundred percent I can do my exercises regularly without any exhausted, my studying is going to be better and I do not have any problems with my family, they love me and I do too.

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Right now I am proud of my self and my family is proud of me; they can count on me in many things.

Smoking Essay

Am happy now, I smell good fresh air, I spend my money in the right way and I do not spend it any more at silly things like cigarette. In conclusion I am going to tell all nonsmokers never try to smoke, it will coos you a lot of problems. Because with all this evident that I have wrote, there is not any benefit of smoking and for the others who still smoking, you have to quit, it’s not impossible because when you did not quit it will be show up in your health and your appearance so please you should quit before it is late. .

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Life after Quitting Smoking
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