Multicultural Food In Australia

Select ONE cultural group in Australia (e. g. Chinese, Italian, Greek) The culture that I have chosen is Greek. Starter: Greek Salad Main Dish: Moussaka Dessert: Ravani Soup: Avgolemono Soup Some of the traditional Greek food preparation methods are: Ladi: Greek for oil; refers to dishes prepared with lots of olive oil. Stiskara: Greek for ‘at the hour’; cooked on the charcoal grill at the last minute.

Stoforno: means ‘in the oven’; dishes cooked in a clay pot are all prepared using this method.

Tiganita: Greek for fried; refers to food that is shallow fried in olive oil. Psito: Greek for roasted; this is how the Greeks like their pork, wild boar and lamb. Vrasto: Greek for boiled; usually applies to wild greens picked during the rainy season. Traditional Greek food preparation methods have influenced Australian Multicultural Cuisine in many ways. Many decades ago Greeks brought their eating habits to Australia. They taught Australians how to cook with olive oil since that were all Greeks cooked with.

Some of the common Greek foods that we eat in Australia today are: Greek Salad, Moussaka, Spanakopita, Skordalia (sauce), Baklava, etc. Spanakopita Skordalia Baklava …GREEK SALAD WITH SPANISH OLIVES AND RED SPANISH ONION… Preparation Time: 15-25 minutes. Ingredients: 1 cucumber ($1. 99) 1 punnet cherry tomatoes ($3. 99) ? red Spanish onion (. 27c) 1 pallet of sliced red + green capsicum ($1. 43) 1 block Greek feta ($5. 19) 4 Tbsps. sliced Spanish black olives (. 70c) ? cup Greek dressing (. 80c) cup white vinegar (. 40c) Total Cost for 1 serving: $14. 77 Method: 1. Chop cucumber into thin slices, and then chop each slice in half.

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2. Cut each cherry tomato in half. 3. Cut the slices of red + green capsicum into small 2cm long pieces. 4. Cut block of Greek feta cheese into cubes. 5. Finely chop red Spanish onion into small pieces. 6. Put 4 Tbsps. sliced Spanish olives into bowl with other ingredients. 7. Drizzle ? cup white vinegar and ? cup Greek dressing over other ingredients. 8. Using salad tong, toss the salad to combine ingredients together.

Multicultural Food In Australia

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Multicultural Food In Australia
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