Sacrifice Essay

MOTHER IS A SYMBOL OF SACRIFICE A mother is a woman who has conceived, given birth to, or raised a child in the role of a parent Amongst the clearest examples of Islam’s honoring women is the great status of the mother in Islam. Islam commands kindness, respect and obedience to parents and specifically emphasizes and gives preference to the mother as shall be shown in this article. Islam raises parents to a status greater than that found in any other religion or ideology.

: Someone went to Mohammed(S. A. W)and asked him “Who has the first priorty to be well treated? ” Prophet Mohammed answered him “your mother”,

He asked “then who? ” He(S. A. W)answered”your mother” Asked agin”then who? ” Answered (S. A. W)”your mother” Asked “then who? ” Mohammed answered(S. A. W)”your father”. This shows that how important and precious mother is in Islam and how respectable is her status BUT this status never lessen the status of the father at all.

Islam gave the mother this status because: 1-Only God knows how do mother feel tired and sick during the pregnancy period. 2-The pain the mother bears during the delivery. 3-The breast feeding. 4-Who bears us when we are sick and stay up late for us? Mothers. -Mothers have more patience on their children more than anybody else. Many and many reasons that makes mothers in a very high status in Islam as Mohammed(S. A. W)told us anther(Hadith)that says ” Heaven is under Mothers’ feet”.

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Mother Symbol

See how high and respectable the mothers are that God put the heaven under their feet? We all know that we may have conflicts or disagreements with our mothers but Islam still order us that we must have the better part of the relationship and have mercy on them even they give us hard times,they bared us alot and got tired from us alot as the Holy Quran ersus said”oh God, have mercy on them as they brought me up when I was little. “Thats how Islam ordered us to deal with our parents and specially our mothers. When our mothers prayed for us it is one of the accepted prayers from God that’s because God knows it is true and pure, so we must try to make all our mothers prayers good for us and I believe that no mother could pray a bad prayer for her son whatever he did, because that’s the mother is.

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Sacrifice Essay
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